Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ever seen a chicken play foozball??

Well you still havn't but here's my gorgeous little self dressed man playing around with a footy at the field down the road. We were heading out for our usual Sunday arvo walk with Grandma and I told Jack to go and grab his sunnies and he came back out with his chicken hat as well. Someone had left a mini football down at the field and he just had the best time throwing it around and kicking it.
And look what we saw at the little waterfall at the park...
These cool lizards. We've seen them at the creek before too so if any herpetologists (Paul, I'm looking at you here) happen by my blog you'll have to let me know what type they are.
And here are a couple of cute photos of Jack. He was playing 'peek', sticking his head around the corner of the tree and saying 'peek', LOL. And just cause I can't seem to post lately without anything botanical...

Righteo, I'm going to watch a movie and chill. I had to put Jack on my shoulders this afternoon because I couldn't drag him away from the swings at the park so I ended up carrying him on my shoulders for about a kilometre and the last third of that he was asleep!!! I can't believe he can sleep whilst sitting on my shoulders with his chin bumpity bumping on my head. He's still asleep now.

And btw, I realise that I have no life posting on blogger 3 times in a day (make sure you scroll down :P)

Two posts in one day!!

I'm baaaaccccckkkk!!!
Here's the LO that was half finished. It's for the "She" challenge at EB which is LO's based around quotes from the book "She" by Kobi Yamada. It's a fabulous book.
An here's a photo of the cheeky boy who's learnt to climb up to his top bunk (ignore all the toys strewn everywhere)
You never know I might be back tonight with photos from this afternoon's walk.

Spring has sprung... hippy's are flowering. They are the most happy looking little flowers and an almost unkillable plant. I have heaps of them in my garden. A friend of ours gave us about 50 bulbs years and years ago and they just keep producing and producing. I really like them because they even flower in dappled light.I did some scrapping yesterday...WOOHOO!!! Jack was being a little sooky la-la yesterday afternoon so I told him to go and have a nap and after about 10 minutes of crying into his pillow he fell asleep and woke up about 4 hours later. He's got a bit of a runny nose and his breath is a bit smelly so I'm sure that's why he slept so long but then he didn't go to sleep last night until midnight!! So anyway while he was asleep I took advantage of the free time to do some scrapping. The first one is for this weeks EB challenge. You had to use white with only 1 other colour and the other colour could only be 10% of the LO, 1 photo, title and jounalling. I used my Crafty Kids rollergraph which I just LOVE!! I have another on order too (Morpheus), they're great.And once again I've used Buzz & Bloom mini alphas, they ROCK!!! They are such a great size for titles. I'm gonna get me some more of them too. And just a simple LO for JG's birthday LO. Well, I'll be back later with another LO to show because it's nearly finished but ciao for now. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Swing, swing, swing

I got some cute little photos of Jack's gorgeous face while he was having a swing today. He is such a cheeky little guy. I just love seeing his gorgeous smile and hearing his magical laughter. You can just see the light shining through his eyes. He is truly truly precious, my beautiful boy.

Here he is being a blue tongue lizard. He loves M&M's. lol
He came a cropper today, poor little man. I think he must have tried standing in the back of one of his trucks. I'm not really sure. All I heard was the truck roll and thud and then a big cry. You know how they just seem to hold in theat cry forever, how it takes so long in between to catch their breath. He was okay, split his lip a little, a bit of blood but no major damage.

It took me forever but I got a LO done today. You know how some LO's just come together and other times you just push the paper around well this was one of the second type. It just took so long. I was going to give up and leave it for another time but then I decided just to soldier on. I just love the photo and I'm pretty happy with the way the LO turned out with all the bright colours.

I bought a petria vine a few weeks ago but it's still not planted. I just can't find a place for it in the garden. I have always loved the flowers. There was a really old vine in Owen's folks backyard and it was all up through the trees and I used to love looking up and seeing the sun shining through all the beautiful purple flowers and they were just carpeted on the ground. I never realised the the stem that the flowers were on was also purple. Stunning!! Alrighty, I'm sure I've bored you enough with my horticultural mumbo jumbo. I have been posting a lot of flower photos lately havn't I.

Owen and I went to the movies tonight. We got a free pass to see Rush Hour 3. It wasn't bad. Funny in bits a bit of action here and there, not great but not bad.

I'm hoping my Snapfish book is going to come tomorrow. I can't wait to see if it's okay.

Right, I'm outta here. Ciao.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My funny little man...

I really must say that I am really enjoying Jack at the moment. He's 2 1/2 and is just learning so much so quickly, it's amazing. I don't even know where some of the stuff comes from. Here's a couple of things he's come out with lately...

When we dropped Owen to work yesterday there was a radio giveaway truck in the carpark at work so I made Owen get out and grab the freebies and then we dropped Owen off and went home. When we got home I put all the stuff on the table (strawberry milk, bread and a newspaper) and Jack said "Wow Mummy, we've got everything we need." Isn't that hilarious??? And then after he had drunk some strawberry milk he says "I'm going to read the paper" and lies down on the lounge holding the paper up to read.
Then this morning when we were driving out to daycare we passed the Heritage Village and they have a little sign up for the last markets for the year which are normally the best ones and I said to Owen that he should see if he could get the day off and we could all go and then I told Jack that we might be able to go on a horse and carriage ride. We pull up in the carpark at daycare and Jack says, "That sounds great dosn't it Daddy?" So funny.
The other day I was trying to get a splinter out and Jack asked, "What's wrong with you Mummy?" so I explained that I was trying to get a splinter out and he says, "Well maybe you should put a bandaid on it Mummy" Awwww, so cute.
Anyway I'm off to watch All Saints, here are a couple of photos from yesterday.

And a group shot of the kids from yesterday at our mum's/bub's group. We had a great day at Erica's house. We did some painting, played on the slide and the trampoline (Jack's favourite), had some races, sang some songs. It was a great morning.And here's a couple of the group with Jack pulling his normal funny camera faces.

See ya.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My weekend...

Well this photo isn't actually from the weekend but it's too cute not to show. Jack and I were in the yard doing some gardening and Kitti-Mae scaled the tree to get over the fence so Jack decided he'd give it a go as well. So here he is on his first tree climbing expedition (the little bugger has also worked out how to climb up his bunk...I guess it was just a matter of time).I spent Saturday cleaning the house a cooking. Some of my work friends were coming over for chilli and kareoke. What a great way to spend a Saturday night. Check out the scores these girls got, Singstar and Superstar. I don't score that well so I'm very jealous. I score better on the boy songs than the girl songs. Jack kept wanting to steal the mircophone off me so I had to whip him up his own special one. Thank goodness for empty toilet rolls, tennis balls, packing tape and wool. LOL
Here's this weeks photo from our Sunday walk. We were walking along the creek bed and out of the blue Jack says "imagination" and then went and found himself a stick to ride like a horse. Very cute.
This tree was just absolutely ladden with this fruit all up it's branches and trunk. It looked so cool.
These beautiful flowers were growing just in the muddy edge of the creek. The sun was just hitting them perfectly to highlight the colours. They are stunning in amongst all the reeds and long grass.And these flowers were just on a tree. I really like this photo with the depth of field and the background although it's a bit hard to see on blogger. This is straight out of the camera.And look I did some scrapping!!! I went to Scrappy Days on Friday night for a little crop but I only go one LO done. I just had no mojo. Mind you I was probably a bit busy chatting and checking out the new stock. This is the page I did on Friday night.
And I did these pages today. The first one is for the EB Friday challenge. Had to be a LO about your favourite things and include 3 photos.
Ok, bye for now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Around our place...

I thought I'd share a few things from around my house today.

I bought some new prints recently and hung them last night. This one is in my scrap room/spare bedroom. It's so lovely and it looks really nice against the wall colour.
And this is the new quilt cover I got. I would love this as scrap paper. :P
And then I got this one for our bedroom. This isn't a very good photo though. I just love magnolias.My Mum gave me these little chinamen ages ago and they live under my potted olive tree just at my front door. Arn't they exquisite? I have no idea what this bush is called but it's in my garden and it has a mass on blooms on it at the moment and there are bees galore hanging around it. So here's a photo of a fat little flying bee.
There is a Geisha Girl duranta just at our mailbox and I really want to cut it back but it has 3 bird's nests in it. This morning I noticed that one of the nests had dropped down so I got it out to have a look and it still had 4 little eggs in it. I'm positive the nest is old (normally I hear the birds hanging around) and not being used but I'm not sure whether birds will re-use a nest or not so I just took some photos and popped it back in the bush a bit higher and more securely.
Here are the little eggs.
And it's rubbish day at our house today so I took some photos of Jack chasing the rubbish truck. He just LOVES rubbish day. Our rubbish and recycling guys are so lovely. They all wave to Jack as the go past and give him back the recyling bags.
Credits- embellishments by ksharonkdesigns, tag sale papers by Tracy Collins and red letters by Scarlett Heels.

I saw this on a Pillowgirl's blog today and thought I'd post it here as well. I think this quote is just great.And lastly...look what came for me today!!
It is amazing. Thank you so much to Dove, Essential Baby and to those who nominated me. This is my prize for supporting Dove/EB's 'Beautiful You' campaign by making 'beautiful' signatures for other EB members. I must say it was such a nice campaign to be a part of and it was really great timing for me personally because at the time that the lovely Dee bought Ngaire Bartlem's ' a rainbow' thread to our attention at EB I was feeling a bit down about myself. I know it's only natural to have ups and downs in life but with the passing of the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks and a few other things that have made me reflect on myself and my life I truly do feel grateful that I am who I am and live in such a great country. I have a wonderful husband, a precious precious darling child, a great supportive family, a fabulous group of friends, a home of my own and food in my belly. And as far as personal beauty is concerned...well...I am happy being me.

Well, while I was just checking out Dee's blog to link her above I see that she is doing Rhonna Farrer's 21 day challenge so I might even give it a go myself. I have no idea what my challenge will be but I love Rhonna's brushes and things so it's a perfect excuse to use them.

Okay, I better go and do some housework (aha maybe that can be my 21 day challenge) but hopefully I'll be back later with some scrapping to show.

Bye bye

Monday, September 17, 2007

A fun play day today

Today Jack and I met up with our Mum's & Bub's group at the park and had a great play and a bit of a chat. Jack just loves playing at the park. Here's a group shot of the kids.
And here's a picture of Jack being a bossy boots and trying to count Ollie down off the slide.I bought Jack a new set of sheets the other day and I put them on his bed tonight and they are soooo lovely. The colour is just devine, orange!!! As I was making the bed I remembered that I had a quilt cover tucked away in the cupboard that would go perfectly with the sheets so I put that on as well. So here is Jack's new bedroom look.

The quilt cover is an old Partex design called Folktales which I always loved and I bought it a few years ago when it was reduced right down. The colours are just beautiful and it has turtles, butterflies, moon & stars, fireflies and fish and things on it.

I am just Christmas obsessed at the moment. I found another set of paper I just LOVE from My Mind's Eye.
And look at this cute little box that you can get. It's such a neat idea with the tag and everything. Love it!!
Okay, ciao!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pictures galore today...

Well I've had quite an enjoyable weekend.
On Saturday, Jack and I met up with one of my work friends, Eleanor, at McDonalds for morning tea and a chat while Jack played on the playground and then we went and checked out a couple of shops. Eleanor is due to have her first baby just after Christmas so we went and checked out the new baby store in town and then ducked in next door for a browse through the most gorgeous furniture/homewares store which is owned by one of my Mum's friends. I wish I could re-decorate my house every month. They have some fabulous arrangements there. It's like my idea of heaven. After that we parted ways and Jack & I went and checked out a scrap shop and then headed over to Stockland for lunch and a browse. It was great.
Saturday night I went over to one of the other girl's from works house for pizza and a bit of a hang my self. It's very relaxing not having to chase a toddler around someone's home for fear of them trashing the joint. Great conversation, very eye opening, frickin' hilarious in fact. And look at what Owen cooked up for he and Jack for dinner, some puffy pinwheels and in 4 flavours and can't you tell he's married to a scrapbooker...he photographed his food. PMSL!! I'm sure Owen's dad thinks I'm crazy because he comes over for dinner and I photograph the food. Hey, you never know when you're going to do a recipe swap.

Jack and I have had a lovely day today. I've done some scrapbooking OTP stuff and he helped with some of them. He pust some stuff through the Xyron and peeled off the backing and helped stick things down. Very helpful. We also did a bit of reading, played the guitar, sang at the top of our voices, played some mini golf and blew some bubbles and then Grandma came over. Here she is...and I must say she looked great today. She's wearing her hair longer than normal lately and it really suits her and I love the outfit. And here is the cutest photo of my gorgeous boy laughing uproarisly. He is adorable.
Speaking of Jack, he must have told me about a dozen time today, "I love you very much Mummy". He is beautiful, a beautiful little soul.
A little story about our little character, Jack. Yesterday when we were at IGA I was having a look in the party supply isle (they have some fantastic stuff there) and Jack picked up one of the glitter covered top hat things, stuck it on his head, threw his arms out to the side and comes out with, "I'm singin' in the rain". What the??? The child is only 2 and a half and he's already singing broadway!?!? He also loves the songs in Circ De Soleil's Allegria. He is soooo dramatic. It's hilarious.
We of course went for our weekly walk to the creek with Grandma and Jack bought his toilet roll binoculars with him. The mosquitos were absolutely vicious today. I even have mossie bites on my bum and I was wearing demin pants. They were BIG mossies.
Here is the scrapping that Jack and I got up to today. I finished of my brother's families advent tree that I was meant to do before last Christmas but at least I'm early for this Christmas. I really like the way theirs turned out. I made theirs a bit funkier than mine because they've got pre-teen/teen kids. I hope they like it.

Here's a close up...
I am going to make up some reindeer food for my cousins littlies this year and was wondering what to put them in and then it came to me. Mum and everyone from work have been saving me all their eclipse mint tins so I'm going to use them. And here are a couple of others that I decorated just Christmasy because I thought maybe I might be able to use them instead of gift tags this year and have some lollies in them as a little bonus.Well that's it for now. Jack went to bed early tonight so after Australian Idol finishes I might go and do my LO for the EB weekly challenge this week, especially since I set the challenge this week.

Oh, and I nearly forgot. Here is a photo I took yesterday of a flower in our garden and I just wanted to show it off . I really like the colours and depth of field.