Sunday, September 27, 2009

Children's Springtime Festival

Jack and I met up with some friends today at the Children's Springtime Festival at the Heritage Village. It was pretty cool, a bit of a shame there wasn't more there but the things that were there for the kids were pretty good. There was face painting, pet rock making, collages, aboriginal painting, music, schoolyard games, soccer etc etc.
There was a lady teaching the kids hula hoop tricks. Jack didn't quite get it but you should have seen his friend Jared hula'ing away, very impressive!!There was a huge big canvas where the kids could have their hand included in some aboriginal art.There were sessions by "Play Music Play" which is a local program where the kids play different instuments and do some singing and dancing. I'm thinking of doing this for the next term since soccer has finished for the year.Jack, Jared & Ollie went on the big tunnel/slide jumping castle. Kids and jumping castles, perfect match.Jack and Jared had a turn on the fishing simulator which looked like so much fun. I didn't feel the weight in it but they looked like they were putting some real muscle into it.
It was a really good day and something that should be done more often. It was great to see what activities are available to the kids. Jack was driving me balmy when we first got there, straight away wanting to go on the jumping castle, especially when we had been at a party last night where he had free reign of a jumping castle for hours!!
Speaking of the party last night, it was a BBQ dinner Hen's/Buck's night and they had a 20 metre slip n slide set up in the backyard and at the top was a blow up pool full of Gelli!! Jack had a bit of a splash around in there before going down the slide, I touched it and it felt pretty slimy (and cold). It's pretty cool stuff. They had those giant padded sumo suits too, tons of fun.
That's all folks. I'm going to try to live a more exciting life so I have something to blog about. Ciao

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nothing to tell...

Long time no post hey, well that's because I have nothing to tell or show. Life is cruising, usual routine. I did go and see the production of Steel Magnolias last Friday night which was good and before the show my friend Kim and I went to The Edge for tapas which was really good and I sampled my first mojito, yummy!!
Jack's soccer break up was on last Sunday too. Here he is performing a power kick!! I'm dissappointed that there is such a big break between seasons for soccer, oh well, we'll have to find something else to learn.Not much happened during the week, just the usual jazz. Yesterday Jack and I babysat my friend Charlene's little girl which was interesting. You very quickly forget what toddlers are like. She was adorable.
Grandma came over today for her Sunday visit and we headed down to the creek. We won't be able to call it that soon, it's sooooooo dry at the moment. We havn't had rain in over 100 days apparently.
Anyway, here's Jack looking adorable.He had a haircut today. He sure is growing up.And lastly, check this out...colour me green!!!! Why oh why can't this be my attic instead of Martha Stewart's? She gets a beautiful big airy attic craft room and what do I have...a very noisy fat rat!! Unfair