Thursday, July 30, 2009

I was about to post a layout...

And when I opened my "To Blog" folder I found some other things I meant to post ages ago!! So here they are in completely random order...

This is from Crate & Barrel in the US. I just LOVE it!! I saw it on the Style Me Pretty website. Dosn't it just make you want to have a BBQ with sticky ribs and nice refreshing lemonade and a fluffy white pavalova or some icy cold watermelon. I have a thing for glass pretty things especially blue ones. Then there were these photos of Jack and O playing soccer at the park. We're practicing really hard and he's getting much better at connecting with the ball. He's adorable.
Daddy lending a helping hand.
This is my current wallpaper. Isn't that grin just intoxicating. The pure joy of childhood is drinkable.
After Jack's Tumblefun class the other day we took him to the park to try out the new rollerblades that O had bought for him. They are pretty cool Diego ones and they can be resized from 11 to 2 so that is great, they'll last him awhile hopefully...if he ever learns to rollerblade that is. And here is the LO I did today. Theresa posted a challenge over at EB to do a LO using 3 photos, orange and some and buttons in a LO for me is easy!
And speaking of EB and challenges, I have just posted a scrappy challenge over there as well. The challenge is to do a LO/something inspired by Pink!, the cuttoff is next Friday and anyone is welcome to join in. You could win this prize...
It's been soooooooo quiet over there (myself included) and I feel like it's such a shame. The women I've connected with through those threads are so special and I really miss that daily interraction.
Righteo, I'm off to watch a movie with O. Ciao

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Per my last post, I had one piece of the track around the wrong way, the piece with the arrows, which meant I had the cars facing the wrong way. Like I said, DOH!!

Friday, July 24, 2009



Ahhhhh, that feels better.

Months and months ago I bought a race track on a very very very good sale and was going to put it away for Jack for perhaps this Christmas or maybe even next. It lived in my boot for a good few months and the other week I took it out to make room and quickly stashed it under my bed stupidly thinking that my brain would actually retain that information and that I would remember to re-hide it at a more convenient time. Well, of course I didn't remember and of course Jack found it and of course he wanted to play with it which I can't blame him for. So anyway after a week of me holding him off finally today the begging/puppy dog eyes/sooky la-la-ing I gave up and said yes, I'll put it together. Our house is space limited and we have a llllllooooooooooootttttttttt of stuff crammed in here so I thought I'd put away all the teddies and things on his top bunk and make the race track up there. Well...I was already a little frustrated before I even started add to that the so called "help" of a four year old and very bad instructions by the end I could have bitten the head of one of his teddies I was that on edge. So, I plugged it all in, re-arranged a few things, depressed the remote triggers car moved about 10cm and the other did nothing at all. Bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger. I should have just told him it was something that only daddies can do :P

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I feel a little better already having gotten that off my chest.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We got a Wii!!I found a gift voucher in my wallet the other day left over from Christmas so we put that towards it and splashed out on a Wii. It's fun!!
The other exciting thing we did today was go to a Tumble Fun class!! I really wanted Jack to start it ages ago but they only did it on Tuesday's and Friday's which of course were the two days I worked so then when my work days changed I rang about it but they were full but now they've started an extra class on Wednesday. It's run by a local gymnastics/trampoline club and they do fun activites for the kiddies. I think Jack's going to love it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A quick rundown...

Just in case anyone wonders what I've been up to...

Thurday - Lunch with my friend Charlene for her birthday and then spent the afternoon visiting my friend Magda.

Friday - Jack & I went to the movies with Tricia & Ollie to see Ice Age 3 which was quite entertaining. In the afternoon went to Tricia & Ollie's for a playdate with Kim & Jared and respective sibling. Friday night I went out to dinner with my friends Charlene, Ann & Carly to the new mexican place that opened recently, was unimpressed by the food but the company was great.

Saturday - Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning oh and Farm Town on Facebook (I'm addicted). Saturday night Charlene & Ann came over for a bit of Singstar!! Great fun, I was a bit raspy by the end.
Sunday (today) - Jack and I went out to the Heritage Markets. We went on sooooo many ride things, mini jeeps, horse & carraige (right up the top too), the camels (my first time on a camel, man are they ever wobbly) and Jack went on everything else. This afternoon my Mumma came over and we had coffee and a chat and did some activities with Jack.
I also painted Jack's face this afternoon and yesterday. Gone are the innocent days of zebra and tiger face painting at our place apparently. Today he was Ghostfreak!! It's one of Ben 10's alter egos and yesterday I did the grocery shopping accompanied by 4 Arms!! That turned some head too.
So here is today's effort, Ghostfreak aka Jack.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

A weekend getaway for Jack & I...

...Not that we really have anything we need to get away from mind you but anyhoo, my friend Kim mentioned that she and her family were planning to visit our friend Michelle and her family at their farm at Moura and I thought it would be great fun for Jack and I as well, poor Daddy couldn't come because he had to work of course.

We headed off on Saturday morning. Jack didn't do too badly on the drive out there considering it's a 200km drive. He only started asking if we were nearly there about 70km out and apart from some leg cramps he happily just watched the country side roll by or did a bit of colouring.
So we got to the farm and were welcomed with a delicious batch of scones and a cuppa and the kids had a bit of a play in the sandpit and a look around while we got settled and had a chat.
After a yummy picnic lunch Greg herded up the mother and baby sheep and the kids got to have a bit of a pat and cuddle with the baby. After the kids had smothered the baby sheep in kisses and cuddles and they were let back into their yard the kids put out some food for them and Nicola showed the others how to collect the eggs from the chooks.Then we headed off for a walk down to the creek. While we were having a look down at the creek Greg decided to throw their dog, Toby in for a bit of a dip so in retaliation Michelle threw Greg's hat in, it's pretty cool out there at the moment so I think after Greg's impromptu swim for the hat, poor little Toby will get left on the bank next time. We also got to see a huge scrub turkey nest and a very very deep platypus den which was pretty cool. We headed back to the house and the guys took the kids to get some firewood and built a great fire for marshmallow toasting after our delicious roast dinner. It's so nice to stand near a roaring fire when it's cold out.Jack saw someone toasting marshmallows on some program he watched the other week so he was stoked to be able to try it out for himself. After the marshmallows all the kids got bathed and put to bed and we got to sit around and have a friendly game of Yahtzee over coffee and cheesecake.
This morning Michelle & Greg cooked up a big breakie and then we piled in the car and headed out to check out the cornfield. The kids did so well crossing over the plank that bridges the irrigation trench around the field. It's pretty bouncy. Corn crops just look amazing. It's so cool to look down the rows but as an adult seeing too many Hollywood films I think I would be pretty spooked if I ever got lost in one.I love this photo. Jack trying some corn straight off the plant. He picked a bit of a old cob to try out though, it was a bit hard, I got some great photos though. The colours are amazing with the sun coming down though the leaves.I grabbed him off a juicier cob and was pleasantly surprised that he was eager to have a taste. He has quite a vegetable aversion unfortunately. He didn't eat much though, just brought it home with us to show Dad.When we got back to the house Michelle had made up some scone dough so the kids could make 'twisties'. They are yummy. You roll the dough out into a thin sausage shape and then wrap it around a stick (Greg kindly whittled off a few branches for the kids)Then you hold it over the hot coals until it cooks.And presto...looks great hey.Served with some butter and jam or syrup. Delicious. Owen was so jealous when I told him about it. The kids had a bit more of a play, then some lunch and then we packed up and headed home again. Jack slept pretty much the whole way home. It was a great weekend. Thanks again Hutchinson family.
And I even have some LO's to show. Can you believe I actually scrapped this week?!? It's been so long, they're not too impressive but still it's good to get back into it. The first LO is actually photos from our last Hutchinson farm visit, hence Jack and the cotton.

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