Thursday, February 28, 2008


Guess where I'm going??

OK, do you give up.....

I'm going to the Scraptacular Retreat 2008!!!

I am VERY excited!! It's in July and it's held at The Country Place in the Dandenong ranges so it's going to be very very cold apparently which will be a big change from here. I'm soooooo excited. There is a big group of girls from the EB scrap threads that will be going which is the reason I am going. There's just no way I could justify spending the money otherwise, I wasn't going to go originally for just that reason but Owen said I should and I guess it's not something I've ever done before so like I always say, you should try new things!!
I will be flying by myself which is going to be a bit of a test of courage and then one of the lovely Melbourne EB girls, Tracey, is going to collect myself and another girl, Tina, from the airport and we're going to drive to the retreat which is sooo nice of her. Thanks Tracey.
On Sunday after the retreat is wrapped up I'm going to go and visit my lovely cousin Julie and stay there for the night...or maybe 2 and then fly back to Rocky.
I'm going to miss my boys though. Owen and I have only spent about 4/5 nights apart in 16 years and I've never been apart from Jack. He spent a couple of hours at my friend Kim's house one day and I missed him then. I'm sure the excitement of meeting these girls after chatting with them on-line for the last couple of years will help ease the feelings though.
It's going to be so much fun.
It's a shame that all the EB girls can't go. :-( There's a few girls I'd really love to meet that arn't going to make it like Donna, Sarah, Deb and Brenda(who I'm going to meet up with soon though) to name a few. I'm really sorry that they can't come. :-( and I do know how you girls are feeling because I had tears welling in my eyes last night thinking that there's no way I'd be able to go, I'm just thankful that I can. {{{HUGS}}} Big hugs all the way around cyber Australia for you girls. Maybe we can hook up a webcam.

Another layout and a great lunch

I did a layout this afternoon. I love this photo, it's soooo cute. Love these papers too.Jack and I went and met up with my friends Erica and Kim today for lunch and then Kim and I went and had a look in a couple of shops. There's a new shop my friend Charlene told me about, can't remember the name...Piggy something, and the lady buys second hand clothes and completely alters them to make one of pieces. Some very cool stuff. Love the way she's set up the store too. She's got sheets of fabric hanging on the walls and a variety of pens available for the kids to do some drawing on it while you have a browse, the racks that the clothes hang on are made from old rope spools and have cool belts attatched around them, she takes photos as she sells the stock and puts it in her 'catalogue' which I thinks a neat idea so the clothes are modelled by their new owner and she's going to make jean bags, similar to these, and sell them as shopping bags. I've been planning on making one of those bags since before Christmas.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some cute kids and some scrapping...

It was one of our little Mum's & Bub's groups second round of babies birthday parties on Sunday (does that make sense?), gorgeous little Sofie.Her equally gorgous mummy Tricia threw her a great party. The kids had a ball as they tend to do when they get together with some room to run. They have a kids sized Jeep and Jack just had a ball kangaroo hopping around the yard with mum hanging onto the back.
Here's the card I made. You know I have all this paper and stuff and yet I hardly ever make cards. I find them really tricky but I'm pleased with this one, it's cute.I managed to get a few really nice photos of some of my friends kids too. Any constructive critism on the photos would be more than welcome. I know some of them could use a bit of a pop.
This is Jared. He's a good kid to photograph. He even stops still for a split second. I really like this one.
And his sister Charlotte with her little cute little toothy pegs...
This is lovely Lauren. And her sweet little sister Hayley...I got a couple of shots of Jack but nothing spectacular and I didn't manage to catch your Ollie at all, that boy is way to fast.I also did a scrap page over the weekend. It was one of those LO's that you fiddle with for ages and then are not really happy with in the end, I don't mind it but it's not a favourite.
It flooded again here, worse than the one a couple of weeks ago. A bit of a flash flood in some places. A guy Owen works with was woken by his neighbour at four in the morning to find 3 feet of water under his house included in his new Subaru WRX and when we went for a drive on Monday there were cars everwhere in driveways with the doors open, obviously trying to dry them out. My friend Tricia said she saw a car floating down one of the streets near her. It must be just awful, I feel so sorry for the people who've lost so much.
Well it's late and I really should be in bed so nighty night.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our new bed linen!! Woohoo!!

I've been looking for ages now for a new quilt cover and I've finally decided on one. The main factor was that one of the managers at work marked down some of the most gorgeous pillowcase, the cream ones with the leaf pattern on them, so that helped me make the decision cause I just can't resist a bargain. So here it is...

And here's the reason I was saying I'll have to see if Jack lets me put the pillows on the bed...He likes to make cubby houses and things with them. I'm sure eventually I'll be able to have a bed that looks beautifully made, maybe when he's 15.

What do you think? Do you like it? :-)

And here's a photo of Jack, he insisted on having his photo taken when I was taking the photos of the bed.

I scrapped today!! Yaay for me!! LOL

I did two layouts today. Pretty exciting hey. Owen was off today and Jack's being a Daddy's boy, I've even been ordered out of the lounge room so I thought that I may as well do some scrapping.

The first LO is for the Embellished In Your Skin challenge. This is week 2 and this week is all about the eyes. ;-) My layout is all about how I see things that I think are beautiful and how other people might not even notice them. I even suffered to make this page...had to pluck my eyebrows before I took the photo (missed a few hairs though) LOLThe journalling flap under the photo...

And this is the other LO I did today which I'll rephotograph tommorrow because the colours are so off.Well it's late and I should be asleep. Owen and I just watched Resident Evil and now I'm all jumpy (probably because I've turned into a big wuss as far as movies are concerned). Got a first birthday party to go to tommorrow and then I'm meant to be meeting some old school friends for dinner.

Oh and I got some new linen for our bed. If Jack will actually let me put the pillows on the bed tommorrow I'll post a photo of it.

K, bye

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.

C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 Years Ago:
I was 24, married almost 2 years, was working part time at HN (still there), had been in our house for almost 2 years.

Things on my to-do list today:
Go to the hairdressers
Tidy up the house
Do some scrapping
Do some gardening
Do some washing

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire:
A billionaire is pretty extreme. Give to charity, set up all my family financially, buy a shitload of scrapbooking products, get myself a good personal trainer and chef, maybe get a little plastic surgery-nothing too extreme, build my dream home (I have the plan all worked out) in some beautiful location overlooking the ocean, have IVF to have another baby, go on a nice family holiday to here and then probably go to Disneyland as well, leave Jack with my Mum for a week and have a nice romantic relaxing holiday somewhere with Owen-maybe here or here, check out all the miraculous things in the world like the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon, see the Aurora Borealis and the Eiffel Tower as well as all the great things in Australia like the Twelve Apostles, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. So many many things.

3 of my bad habits:
I'm a bit stubborn and apparently opionated
Have a really bad food obsession
I'm always late

3 places I have lived:
Ummmmm...they'd have to be addresses because I've always lived right here in Rockhampton although my Grandparents have a holiday house in Cooee Bay (Yeppoon) so I'd count that since we spent so many weeks there every year. Oh and if I count my Mum's tummy that would make 3 places :-P

5 jobs that I have had:
Check out chick at Woolies
Tea and tidy at various hairdressing salons
Phone canvaser at a window treatment place (HATED it)
Receptionist at the old Duthies Leichhardt Hotel
Bit of everything at Harvey Norman, started as a cashier, was a PA for years, now do merchandising/sales.

5 Things people don't know about me:
Hmmmm...I stay up really late most nights, like 1 or 2am.
I always lick the bowl when I make cakes.
I used to play violin (when I was in primary school)
I used to be pigeon toed
I never ever return my library books on time-I like to think of it as supporting my community as my late fees I'm sure would buy a few new books a year :-P

and I tag...
Donna, Dee and Brenda

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another weekend!!

Jack and I spent the day on Saturday cleaning the house. He's soooo funny. You'd think from the comments he makes that I was some sort of neat freak. He spouts off little cleaning tips to me and wants to help do everything. Like this morning, I was making him a milkshake and as I went to put the lid on the shaker it slipped off the counter and we had milkshake for metres and Jack comes up and says..."Mummy, what did you do? You'd better mop that up" Little bugger. It feels sooo nice to have a clean house. I always feel much more relaxed.

We went out for dinner to the Gracemere Hotel with all our mum's/bub's group and families. They've got a fantastic set up out there and the decor is lovely. They have really nice dark carpet with the most beautiful colour on the walls, a dark timber chair rail above a pressed metal base that is a light cream colour. Looks great. The dining room is really long and at one end, which is where we were seated, there is a glassed off area for the kids to play in. There's a littlies play area, a projector and 6 flat panels with different playstation games to play. It's great. The meals were fabulous too and were really reasonably priced, for the 3 of us for the night was about $55 and Owen and I had entrees and mains and that included a round of softdrinks. Great meals, great service, great atmosphere, great for families.

Today I did a bit of scrapping while Jack did some drawing and reading (I didn't get to take photos though so I'll post them tomorrow night). This afternoon my Mum came over for our standing Sunday date and after a coffee and chat we headed down to the footy field to fly some kites.
And can I just point out how fabulously good looking my husband is! :-PHere's Jack dipping his toe in one of the many puddles that are around at the moment.Jack checking out the scenery from up high.
There is so much change down at the creek it will be interesting to see it in a few months. There are huge big areas of rocks that have either being exposed or moved downstream. The water has been diverted too so there's now a branch off that's really flowing. Here's a photo of the exposed tree roots.

It's been flowing so much that there's trolleys that had been in the creek and have been moved about 400 metres downstream.

I nearly forgot too, check out these cool wall stickers...thanks for the link Erica (here's one picture to wet your appetite-I want them all!!!)

K, no more to say, check you all later.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back to the alphabet and a couple of layouts


Ice cream - Although I wouldn't list ice cream as one of my most favourite things I do appreciate a good ice cream. My favourites would be Magnum Ego's for the on the stick category, in a cone would be triple choc drumstick and in a bowl would be B&R choc chip cookie dough closely followed by peanut butter and chocolate.

Igloo - Igloo's are cool! We don't have one but there's not much that starts with I to write about.


Jack - My beautiful beautiful sweet little boy. He just brings me soooooo much joy. He's so clever and funny and loving and well mannered. I can hardly remember what I did with my time before he came along. I mean, he's no angel, he is a terror to get to sleep at night, won't eat his veges or anything really for that matter and he's going through the "why?" stage at the moment but he is just precious. He is such a gift. We waited a very long long time for him to come along. I can't believe how much he's always looked like his own little person even as a newborn. His smile is stunning and his laughter is magical. I just love him!!

J - There are so many J names in our family, it's crazy...Jean, Joy, Jenny, Jaamy, Jody, Justin, Jasmine, Jack, Jessica, Julie and Joe. My Grandma gets confused in groups and goes through 5 different J names before she gets the right one.

Ok, I scrapped last night. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! It's so nice to be back to creating layouts after an almost 2 month break. I'm really enjoying it. So here's the 2 layouts I did last night.And a close up of the flower.

Ok, cheers and peace out :-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Long time no post...


I've been a bit busy with stocktake at work and before that my life was just too boring to write about but now at least I have some scrapping to show, my life's still boring though :P

I'll start off with this photo of the boys from our walk on the weekend. My neiceRasharna came with us as well. It's not so smelly down at the creek but it dosn't look very pretty at the moment. If you look at the tree where Jack is pointing you can see the water mark. This is the same bridge that is in my previous posts just to give you an idea of how much water we're talking about. And it's been raining for days here too with more to come so there is water water everywhere.
Owen has sold his motorbike. He bought it to ride to work but never got around to getting his license but nows he's decided he wants to buy a crappy old gemini panelvan instead. Boys and their toys, I tell ya. So here's Jack on the bike, he'll be disappointed that it's going, he loves climbing on and pretending he's riding it.I made this nappy cake for a friend of a friend. I think they are such a great gift for baby showers. They look so impressive. I've gotten the knack of it now and they don't take me long to put together at all.
And here's what I've been scrapping...
This LO is for the In Your Skin challenge/comp over at Embellished.
This is for the weekly challenge over at EB. The challenge was to create a LO in predominately red using only paper and cardstock, no embellishments. I was a bit worried that I had lost the scrap addiction actually. It had been so long since I've done anything but I still really enjoy it. I think I was just all shitty because my room was an unbearable mess but I've cleaned it all out now so the mojo can just flow around the room. I also won a fabulous kit from Embellished which gave me a bit of a kickstart. The last LO is using some stuff from the kit. I'll re-photograph these LO's if the rain ever goes away because the colours are just blech in the photos.

I went out for my monthly dinner date with the work girls on Sunday night. We went to the Parkhust Taven and the meals were just fantastic. I had almond crumbed fried camembert with mango and sweet chilli sauce for entree which was just delish and then for mains I had an entree sized prawns with garlic and white wine sauce in a filo basket which was just devine. Yum yum yum. I shouldn't talk about food though, I'm trying to diet. I doubt it'll last long thought, my will is weak.

Owen is off tomorrow and we are going to take Jack to the Crazy Joker to meet up with Kim, Jared and Charlotte. Should be good fun. Jack's going a bit stir crazy with all the wet weather around and not being able to play outside. Poor little bugger, I feel like I've been yelling at him all day. He's just been driving me crazy. I know he's just bored but omg, he just wants to climb all over me all the time and he's getting heavy and it hurts. Anyhoo...

I'm outta here. Off to watch Amazing Race Asia.


Monday, February 04, 2008


Ok people...consider yourselves warned...if you have to drive through Rockhampton in the next few days keep your windows up and your air con on 'cause it STINKS!!!

My Mum was talking about the smell after the last big flood the other day and I nodded but since my memory is like a sieve I really didn't remember but when I walked outside this afternoon and sniffed the air it came flooding (no pun intended) back to me.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


On Saturday after going to the shops we went for our Sunday walk, a day early. The creek is pretty high when you go down it a bit. It's a bit smelly down there though, you can see dead fish in the water.
This photo is from a couple of weeks ago and this bridge is now...somewhere under all this water!And this is where we normally stop to check out the fish, on the other side though and it's way under water too.And as Jack's is modelling here, the grass is getting pretty tall. The bottom end of the gardens is all cut off. Jack through a big tantrum because he wanted to go and play in the playground even though it was under water.
This afternoon I hosted a baby shower for my friend Charlene who is due to have her first baby on the twelth of April. I froze little babies in ice cubes to go in the punch and made little gift bags for the guests and a nappy cake for Charlene from the girls and guys at work. It was a really nice afternoon although Jack got pretty upset that he didn't get any presents so I'll have to remember that for the parties that we go to this year...take Jack a dummy gift.
Jack and I were watching So You Think You Can Dance Australia tonight and you should have seen Jack. He was trying to copy all the dance move and he wasn't doing too bad of a job. They have a kids dance thing here in Rocky but it's on one of the days that I work so I'll have to try and find some other dance related activity for him to do.

Just what every kid asks for for Christmas...

The first thing on Jack's Christmas wish list was a DNA test.  Not that kind of test.  He knows we're his parents but a hereditary D...