Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let's hope my scrap drought is finally broken...

Felt like scrapping today so I did!! 3 singles and a double LO to be exact, pretty simple LO's but LO's none the less. How's that for jumping back into it? Hopefully the urge will stay.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pirate Parties!!

Last night Jack and I went to my workmate Toni's 25th Birthday party which was pirate themed. I'm planning to have a pirate party for Jack this year too. I bought a whole heap of pirate party supplies on sale early last year so I have them all stashed away ready to go. I also picked up the most gorgeous pirate costume from the Reject Shop for Jack for $15. It said it was for a 7 year old but it only just fits him now. Dosn't he just look so dashingly handsome?
There is meant to be a belt with a big gold buckle on it but do you think I could find it last night!? so I just used the sash I'd made for another party. Owen did take some photos of Jack and I dressed up last night, unfortunately due to the fact that I can never stop talking (giving him camera advice and trying to get Jack to co-operate) I look like I'm on smack in all of them so hence, no photo of the 2 of us to show and after I took my hair out I decided to take a photo of my pirate facepaint.
It is so much more comfortable to have your face painted then to wear an eye patch all night let me tell you. I was really pleased with the way my hair looked actually, I put some little plaits randomly through it and then scrunched it and hot ironed it to look all messy.
Jack was funny last night though when we were getting ready. I wasn't allowed to have one of the swords because I wasn't a real pirate!! Anyhoo, the party was nice and Jack came home with a ginormous stash of pinata toys!!

My gorgeous friend Dee, is having a pirate party for her son, Tyler in a few weeks so I'm stalking her blog to get party ideas since she is such a talented chick!! And I'm also going to steal a few ideas from Ang too who had a pirate theme for Coban's (who btw was born just 10 minutes before? Jack. Same day, same year) birthday last year. I love her invitations.

Speaking of pirates, if you're looking for a fun movie to watch then may I suggest Stardust. It is a great movie, sort of a twisted fairytale, I love that type of movie. Here's the preview

I love Robert De Niro's pirate character in the movie. Just hilarious.

Well I better go and try to get some semblance of order to this house. Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A photo post...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A trip to the zoo zee zoo!!

Yesterday we went to the zoo with my Mum, neice Rasharna & nephew Joe. Owen was off as well so it was a nice family outing.
There has been alot of discussion about our local zoo of late in the local media, about whether they should/can afford to stay open. I really hope it stays. At the moment it's free which is fantastic but even if they started to charge an entry fee I'm sure they would still get plenty of patronage. There are quite alot of closed exhibits but I just hate to think of what would happen to the animals if it had to close especially Ockie & Cassie, the chimpanzees. The botanical gardens was first established in 1873 so it would be such a shame to loose such a historical landmark.
Anyway, after we checked out all the animals including a cutie little 9 month old koala we headed to the playground. Jack had so much fun. Here is with crossing the monkey bars with a little help from Dad. Apparently the tongue helps too. And here's Joe, doing it all by himself because he's a big boy. :P Just about every photo I have of Joe is of the back of his head.Jack and Rasharna on the swings.Jack and Daddy on top of the big pipe.Daddy helping Jack off the big pipe.Jack in the big pipe.Rasharna, Dad & Jack on the little pipe. Jack thought he was pretty cool being able to get himself up on the little pipe.After a good play on the swings we went for walk through the tropical fruit garden at the back and up to the japenese gardens. Here's a couple of flower shots...

And here's the grinning goofball. Cheeky little bugger he is.

K, I'm off. Hoping to do some digi-scrapping tonight. We'll see though.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

An afternoon at the beach!!

We headed down to the beach yesterday afternoon for a bit of a splash and a play. Jack just loves going to the beach and so do I. It is my zen!! It makes me feel so relaxed and rejuvinated. The smell, the feel, the it!! Owen's brother Ian is up from Tasmania so he and his Dad came down as well and my Grandparents are staying at the beach house at the moment too so Grandma came down to the beach as well. It was quite blowy yesterday and there were some nice waves. The water temperature was just devine too. Of course I took the camera so be prepared to be innundated by beach photos.Jack collecting coconutsTo throw in the waterJust like Daddy and Uncle IanOff for a paddle with DadDad having a bit of a turn on the boogie board

The boogie board injuries (apparently you're not meant to drag your feet on the bottom)Having a bath in the old tub at the beachhouse. Ahhh, the history...I remember bathing in that tub.Jack wanted me to take a photo of all of his dinosaur "skin of bones" . These are pretty cool and they're only $2 each from The Reject Shop. They're not to play with though apparently, they're just to look at like Daddy's models.
Well I'm off. Ciao

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Our weekend...

And by "our" I mean Jack & I, not O since he's worked all weekend...

So Saturday after a very slow start (I seem to have a lot of those lately) Jack & I headed out shopping. We just had to get a few groceries but as normally we were there for hours. I just can't stand the thought of missing out on some great bargain if I don't look in every shop. But we did actually get a few bargains including a Wall-E!!
It's the normal sized robotic one that's normally $88 but this one is faulty and dosn't respond to the remote so it was marked down to $15!! I think it's such a bargain. It does stuff, you push the buttons on the top and it moves around and talks so that's not bad for $63 off in my opinion. Owen is going to see if he can fix it but either way I'm happy and so is Jack.

Today, after another slow start, I did a bit of sorting. I'm trying to get my house into some semblence of order. We just have so much crap!! I've started a list of chores for both O and I to try to motivate us to get moving. LOL, let's see if it works this year. Jack and I also made some Limeaid! Our lime tree has quite alot of fruit coming on it so I thought I'd get in early and try out a recipe I'd seen a few weeks ago, it's just made from a cup of lime juice, a cup of sugar syrup and water. It's quite nice, just like a good quality lime cordial really. How good do our limes look and they smell just devine.Anyway, after pottering around the house my Mum came over and we did some craft stuff with Jack, Mum always brings over an activity for him to do. We headed out to the Kershaw Gardens along with the scooter for a bit of a walk and play.
There's a section of the creek just near the end of out street that Jack always stops at to throw rocks of "fish" (ie. dunk a stick in the water) and there are 3 nests with metres of each other. One is a little twiggy willy wagtail nest which the babies have now left, then there is a mud peewee nest and then hanging of the same tree is this sunbird nest. I was taking photos of the nest when the mumma bird came in to feed her babies. I was probably only about 1.5 metres away, how cool is that!!

We saw quite a few different critters today actually. These little frogs/toads? are everywhere at the edge of the creek. Even if they do turn out to be fat ugly toads at this size they are still cute, but I do actually think they are a frog, nope just googled it and I think they're toads. We also saw a quite large lizard, a couple of snakes (ewwwwwww, gross)and tons of dragonflies of all different colours. Heaps of the tiger stiped ones, some blue, a yellow and black, bright red, they were everywhere. I really like dragonflies, they are unusual looking insects.And just to balance out all the fauna photos, some flora. I'm not really a fan of yellow flowers but these cassia fistula fowers are just so lovely.And now for a fix of Jack...

Jack walking along the garden edgeing. He likes balancing. This was just before he stuck up a conversation with a stranger about dogs. He's been doing that a lot lately, telling people he has two gorgeous doggies at home, Poppy and Poo Poo (Bella's nickname). Note to self: work on stranger danger.Just looking cute on the swing. Fake smile avoiding camera, just the usual.And a real smile, cheeky little bugger. He fell off the swing (from low, no injuries) and thought it was hilarious so then of course he had to do it another 15 times. 3.5, what a fun age.We had taken the kite with us since there's been a bit of a breeze around today but Jack didn't have much luck. I got it flying for a little bit and he had it up in the air a couple of times too.Instead of running away from the kite to get it to lift off he kept running towards it or around in circles that didn't give the kite a chance to lift. He had fun though.And Grandma putting his shoes back on before heading off home.

That's it in a nutshell folks. I think I'm going to go and watch a movie. Speaking of which, we saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, what a lovely film that is. I loved it.(take some tissues with you)