Monday, January 24, 2011

Jack's first day in Grade 1!!

Today was Jack's first day in Grade 1!!  I thought we may have had to drag him kicking and screaming to school but he went ok.  I've been talking about it all week and he was adamant that he didn't want to go but the flow of the morning went ok and I didn't end up having much of a fight on my hands at all which I'm very grateful for.  
I missed him today though.  I'm sure he probably didn't miss me with the excitement of a new class, his own desk, own pencils and pencil case, new kids to meet, new teacher etc. 

That smile, oh my, I don't know where he gets that from, well actually he gets it from his Dad, see below, lol.

The family photo...

And homework on the first day!!

I had a nice day today though.  My friend Charlene came over this morning for morning tea which was nice to have a catch up.  Life gets so busy some times that it's hard to make the time to catch up with friends as much as I'd like to.  This afternoon we had a swim and afternoon tea play-date with some of Jack's friends.  It is absolutely lovely in pool in the afternoon at the moment, the temperature is just perfect.  Ahhh, life in beautiful Queensland.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A lovely weekend...

Well I have had just a lovely weekend.  It actually started on Friday really with the day at the pool from my last post and then Friday was finished off with coffee and a chat at my good friend Kim's house in the afternoon.
Saturday Jack and I headed up to the Botanic Gardens for a birthday party for Jack's second cousin, Patrick.  The party started off with a hidden treasure hunt where the kids had to sift through the sand looking for pirate coins.

The next game was the piñata.  Kids just love piñata's don't they.  Jasmine had made some great props for the party, I think her Mum helped as well.  The treasure chest piñata, a big ship replica and another chest that contained the pass the parcel prizes and the sword cake were all fantastic.  I love themed parties.

This is Patrick, the Birthday Boy, showing off his loot from the piñata.

 There are a couple of new playground pieces at the gardens.  Jack loved this flying fox thing.

I couldn't find his old pirate costume (I don't think it'd fit anyway) so I just painted Jack's face for the party.  Arr, me hearties!!

After the party Jack and I went and checked out the zoo before heading off to do a spot of shopping.
Today we headed to Upper Stony Creek with the William's family for a swim and lunch and a bit of relaxing.  Here's Jack just kicking back on his camping chair.

It's a very pretty place there.  It's in the Byfield National Park.  Apparently this is the best time to go because there's been rain and it's running and nice and clear.  Oliver told me that he and his Dad saw a turtle when they were there the other day.  It only took about 50 minutes to get there from Rocky so it's not very far away.  

Jason had bought his inflatable boat so the kids all piled in and Tricia & Jason took them for a paddle up the creek.

After they came back we all went for a little swim (well at least a stand in the water).  It was a wee bit fresh in the water but when you got used to it it wasn't so bad.  Jason tells us that it is like the fountain of youth with all the minerals etc. in the water.  I havn't noticed any changes yet however.

After the swim we had some sandwiches for lunch and then just chilled for awhile while the kids had a bit of a run around and play and then Jack and I headed back home.  It's always so nice to do something different.  This week coming is the last before Jack heads back to school so I'll have to think of some fun things to do.  O is off Wednesday and Thursday which will be nice to have some family time too.

Ahhhh, life is good!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Our day...

So today we met up with some friends at the Rock Pool Water Park.  Jack had a blast and it was a great day for swimming with the weather.  

Jack even braved the big water slide.  He's not much of a thrill seeker my boy but after he got warmed up there was no stopping him.  He wanted to keep going back on over and over.

There are a few different slides there.  The one we went on is a standard twisty sort of open topped slide which does get up a bit of speed in the swirly part.  They also have two straight slides and this massive inflatable dragon slide which looked a wee bit too steep of a drop for me.

This is Jack's grumpy face because he didn't want his photo taken.

We stayed and had pizza for lunch.

And Jack had a slushie.  Can you tell which colour?

 And then we headed off to play mini-golf.  Their set up is really good.  I really like themed places, it makes it all the more fun.

Their's is obviously a pirate theme and some of the areas although they could use a little bit of a touch up are so well done like the giant octopus.

And this huge skull and crossbones feature is pretty cool.

There are murals painted everywhere and a ship in a lagoon that is one of the actual course holes.  It's really fun.  It doesn't seem to be very popular which I was very surprised by.  It's definitely the best one in town although I think there might only be one other.  The whole day was really good.  It's nice to be able to spend time doing something as a family as we don't often get to with work rosters.  We actually have an area in our backyard that isn't often used which we were thinking of building our own little mini-golf couse.  We can only fit 2 or 3 holes but it would be something fun that would put that area to good use.

I'm sure everyone has seen and heard of the massive flooding going on in Queensland, I know it's even been getting international coverage.  If anyone is interested in donating to the relief fund the link is HERE.  Although there is flooding in our town, which is devastating for those effected, the magnitude of what has occurred down south is just heart breaking.  My thoughts are with all those that have lost loved ones and their homes and possessions.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Ice Skating Fun!!

Well what a great way to start a Sunday!!  This morning we went ice skating (yes, you read correctly ice skating in Rockhampton) and it was so much fun.  My feet felt like they were going to drop off (ouchie!!) but it was a blast all the same.  I probably made it around the rink perhaps two or three times total.  Ice skating is not an easy thing.  I didn't fall over however unlike Owen and poor Jack.  It's run by a company called Winter Magic and is just fantastic for something different to do with the kids.  We went to the first session of the day and there weren't really that many people there, perhaps 40 or 50. 

They have a little rink set up for the kiddies under 6 to use which was really good.  To me it felt a bit slipperier than the large rink.  One of the staff was also out in the rink for awhile and stopped and gave Jack a few pointers which was really great.  

He did a few laps holding onto the sides before venturing off the edge and waddling around for a few more laps.  He was concentrating pretty hard.  He had one all where he hurt his hand a little and a few little half falls.  Owen did one pretty impressive, arms flailing fall and landed pretty hard on his butt but apart from that he was pretty good at it. so much.  I did about three laps total, pretty close to the side (not far enough away to grab when I needed it).  My form, let me tell you was not very impressive.  I don't think I'll ever be an elegant ice skater although I can do a little circle:) 

They also had a tobogganing hill set up which was really good fun.  We had gone with a few other families and I'm sure that was probably the favorite thing of all the kids.  The smiles on their faces were just beautiful.  Poor little Charlotte didn't like it at all, but all the other kids loved it, including little Hunter who's just 1.  He was all smiles.

As were the adults...Kim & Owen having a race.

And yes, I did have a turn too.   Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 

What a great day!!