Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Patrick the butterfly and Ollie's Birthday...

We were spreading some blue metal in the back garden the other day and this little yellow butterfly needed to be rescued from the path of the wheelbarrow.  He was a friendly little fella and didn't want to fly away so Jack got the exciting experience of having a little pet butterfly sitting on his finger.  He named him Patrick (after Patrick starfish from Spongebob).  

After a bit of a modelling stint we put him in Jack's bug catcher so he could take him to Ollie's party.
And here we are at the party.  Oliver just LOVES Steve Irwin and LOVES snakes!!  It was a pool party at his Grandma's house and Jack was so inspired by all the other kids swimming abilities that he decided he could jump in and swim to the other side all by himself.  I sh*t myself.  I'm trying to get to him, swimming around and under all the kids, panicing that my baby wasn't going to make it.  He did.  I gave him a tiny push to get to the side.  I was told later that he didn't need my help and he could do it by himself.  Growing up is a teeny tiny bit heart-aching for mothers.
Red rimmed eyed Jack and his little mate Jared showing off their scary looking lizards.
It's been a while between posts.  We've had some goings on at out place, all good now though.  I'm having a bit of trouble getting into a routine with work and school and housework etc but I'm really really hoping to get back into crafting and sewing very soon.
Better get ready for work.  Ciao.