Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Beautiful Grandma

Today we farwelled our beautiful Grandma.  She had been in hospital for the last couple of weeks and passed away surrounded by her family on Friday.  I feel so blessed to have been Granddaughter to such a kind, gentle and generous woman and to have learnt so much from both her and my Grandad about so many things but particularly about love.  They were so in love.

They had met on a blind date set up by Grandma's best friend Mimi who was dating Grandad's brother Brian.  Brian and Mimi were married as well and sadly were only parted when Mimi passed away last year.

This is one of my all time favorite photos of Grandma and Grandad.  They say a picture says a thousand words, this one says love, love, love...

My Mum, brother and I lived next door to my Grandparents until I was 11 so I spent a lot of time with my them.  We used to have dinner with them quite regularly and actually we probably had breakfast there just about every morning because Grandma always cooked bacon.  Even when we moved out to the farm I used to leave my bike at my Grandparents house so I still saw them nearly every day.  I can always remember sitting at their table in the afternoon and when Grandad would call out as he walked down the driveway, "Loverboy's Home" and Grandma would giggle every time.  It was beautiful.  

I have so many beautiful memories of growing up and my favorites are all about family.  My Grandparents have a beach house at Cooee Bay where all the families would spend every school holiday...lots and lots and lots of us.  Our days were always the same, get up for breakfast, down to the beach for a swim, hanging out at the house, lunch, the little ones would nap and the older ones would read then back to the beach for another swim, dinner and dishes and then bed.  We would all gather around the littlest ones beds and Grandma would tell us all stories before bed.  My cousins and I all have the best memories of those story times.

As I said before I have been truly blessed to have had such a fantastic Grandma


Brenda said...

So sorry you have lost your wonderful Grandma Jody, she sounds like she was a great lady. I hope I will get to be a Grandma one day, and that when I am gone, my family will remember me being as wonderful as your family remember yours.
Here's to awesome Grandmas'.

Donna said...

So sorry for your loss Jody...The photos are gorgous, and you have some truly wonderful memories to hold on too.