Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our poor little man

We had a bit on an incident today. We decided on the spur of the moment to head up to the botanic gardens for lunch today so Owen called up his Dad to see if he wanted to meet up with us. Off we head, unpack everything and we got absolutely eaten alive by mosquitos so we moved positions to see if that would make a difference, which it did. Anyway, so we're sitting there chatting and having lunch and Jack was being a monkey of course and mucking around so I had him on my lap and his foot went in between the slats on the bench we were sitting on and we couldn't get it out. Luckily a quick thinking gentleman that was seated next to us grabbed the spray canola oil they had used for the BBQ and we managed to lube him up enough to get his foot out. It was pretty awful though. Jack's little ankle was all red when we got it out and he was a bit worked up but luckily no damage was done and he was off and running within a few minutes.

Not much else to say really. Jack's birthday preparations are well and truly underway. I did up the lolly bags last night so I've only got a couple more things to do.

Well I'll leave it there for tonight I think. I'll just post a couple of LO's. The 2nd one is digital using the Festival freebie kit from Shabby Princess.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bloody groceries!!

I really don't think that wages have kept up with the cost of living in the last couple of years. I went and got a few groceries yesterday and there was no red meat under $16.99/kg, green prawns were cheaper than blade steak. I just think that's ludicous. Everything just seems to cost so much. How the hell do they expect me to afford all the scrap stuff I want!! Grrrrr.

Anyhoo, I actually have enough scrap stuff to last the next couple of years anyway so here's some LO's I've just finished.
This one is a scraplift of one of the extremely talented Clair's LO's

Thursday, March 22, 2007


What to post, what to post?...

Well nothing extraordinarily exciting has been going on in my life. I just don't seem to have much time at the moment.

Jack is gorgeous as normal but is a little sh*t at bed time. I just don't know what to do about that. Dee posted some great tips on EB the other day and I would love to try to get him to go to bed at a decent hour and in his own bed but I just can't stand the crying. I can't beleive that a child that gets up at 8ish and dosn't have a sleep most days can stay awake until 10 o'clock at night. At least most nights he's sleeping through in his own bed so I'm happy with that. I guess one reason we have such a bad night time routine is that I'm too lazy but by 7 o'clock at night after entertaining Jack all day and trying to do some things around the house and then making dinner etc I just couldn't be stuffed. I know in the long run it would benefit me but...but...I don't know. Anyhoo, next...

Jack's birthday is getting close. I'm really excited about his party. I hope my cake turns out okay but it should, it looks simple enough. I've made masks for the kids and have bought the prizes for the games, planned the menu, done the thank you cards, organised the decorations. All I really need to do is the loot bags, oh and I want to make a banner too. His last birthday party just seemed so chaotic and then with the rain. OMG!! Most of the food for this time is able to be cooked the night/day before so that should ease the stress a bit. Jack pointed to a picture of a girl with a cake and said birthday and candles so I'm sure that this year he's going to be aware of what's going on and we're having his party at the gardens and he loves it there so I'm sure he's going to have fun.

Scrapping...LOVE IT!! I can't beleive I've been scrapping for nearly 2 years now and I still enjoy it soooo much. There are so many beautiful products out there. I know Owen thinks it's just a waste of time/money/space but I think even he appreciates the finished product. Some pages I just look at and think 'how amateur' but some I really love. I hope that my child/children and grandchildren enjoy them in the future. I'm sure I would. The idea of sharing with future generations exactly what you were like/doing at a particular point in your life is just so appealing. And being able to recollect memories from looking at the pages is something I really look forward to.

Jack is addicted to Circ de Soleil. I find it really wierd. He will sit and watch nearly a whole DVD. I wonder if he realises how incredible the things these people can do are. He gets really excited and jumps and runs around and tries to do forward rolls so I know he realises that they are doing something energetic. It's just so funny. And he really loves music. He sings and dances all the time. There's a Jack Johnson lullaby CD we play in the car and he 'lalala's' along with it. It's adorable, he's adorable. I love him so much. I could kiss him a thousand times a day, even when he's being naughty. He's actually a pretty well behaved child. He's not very good at stopping when you ask him to but in general he's pretty good and he's so polite. He was telling the cat the other day, "Kitti-Mae, get here...please". It sounds so cute. And this morning I was going to the loo and he was out in the lounge room calling out, "Mommy, where are you?" I can't beleive how well he's talking. He speaks in sentances for crying out loud. I know I'm his Mum but I'm sure he's exceptionally bright. :P

Well, that's enough blabbering for me, I'll just post some LO's.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well it's 11.25pm...

and Jack's still awake. Arrrgghhhh!! At least he slept through last night though and today he's used the toilet all by himself. Very exciting.

Well I don't really have anything interesting to say but I just thought I'd better update my blog since it's been nearly a week since I posted.

Here's a LO I did the other day

Well, I'm off to do some more toddler wrestling.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A LO!!

Here's a LO I did this afternoon whilst Jack had fun with my stamps. Have I ever mentioned how adorable Jack is?

Not much going on around here today. Jack and I went to the footy field to have a bit of a kick around, not that Jack kicks mind you, so that was fun and then had a play under the hose when we got home. Absolutely nothing planned for tommorrow apart from some washing. Owen is going away for the weekend which I'm sure will be just awful. We don't spend much time apart. Oh well, I'll just fill my weekend up with stupid girl movies.

Any ant experts out there?

When we were out with Grandma for our regular Sunday walk on the weekend we came across these ants...

Now Mum & I both thought they looked very different to any ants we had seen before and since I had a camera with me I took a photo because I thought maybe they were fire ants. So anyhoo, I e-mailed the photo through to the DPI and got this in the reply...
"while the ants in image you've provided are disimilar to the fire ant (fire ants generally have a red-brown head & body and a black tail ), we will never rule anything out without a sample"
Now to me they look pretty damm red-brown in the head & body and pretty damm black on the tail!?!?! So if there are any ant experts reading my blog can you let me know what type of ants these little babies are.

Here's a couple of photos from our walk as well while I'm mentioning it. Every Sunday afternoon my Mum comes over and she & I take Jack for a little walk around the neighbourhood for a little looksy. Whenever we find any little different things alond the way we take them home to show Daddy (my Mum's a shocking horder). We take home feathers and flowers and insect skeletons and coins and marbles and things, it's very exciting. So anyway on Sunday we went down to the footy field at the end of the next block and Jack stopped to pick some beautiful flowers and when I asked him who they were for he said they were for Daddy. Daddy loved them.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Touch wood

Well touch wood but Jack has slept through three nights this week in his big boy bed. Wooohoooo. This morning he didn't get up until 8.30 mind you he didn't go to bed until after 10 but I can live with that to get a sleep in in the morning. So maybe we're turning a corner with his sleeping finally.

Speaking of Jack, he's turning 2 in a month. He's growing up so quickly. And smart, I tell ya. The other day he said, "Mummy, help me please" because he couldn't get the top off his yoghurt. He just comes out with so many new words lately, and so many songs. He is adorable. I'm really enjoying this age.

Not much else going on. I'm meant to be cleaning this house today but we'll see how that goes. Making spagetti and meatballs for dinner tonight, Owen's Dad & my Mum are coming over for dinner so it should be nice. I also want to work on Jack's birthday invitations today and on the DVD I'm trying to get together of all the videos of Jack for the last 2 years along with some of my favourite photos.

Anyhoo, better get to it, here's some LO's I did last night.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Of course, his name is Cody

My cousins baby's name is Cody. I thought that was it and then I thought, no maybe not because that's so close to my name and surely I would have remembered that right, not. So anyhoo, his name is Cody and he's gorgeous. Here's a piccy...

I can't beleive how small babies are. I just don't remember that. Jack's so big now. I can't wait to nurse one of these new babies. cluck cluck cluck

I had one of those afternoons today. I had been waiting for Jack to wake up this afternoon so I could go and post off my recipe cards (I'm sooooo sorry everyone that they are soooo late, I promise I'll be early with the next lot), so anyway he woke up at 4.40pm and the post office closes at 5 so I grab him, grab my shoes and my bag and fly out the door, get to the post office at 4.45pm, grab the tough bags off the shelf, address them, scrounge through my bag for my wallet and it's not there, stood in line so I could tell the lady that I'd left my wallet at home and that I'd be back in 5 minutes, stuck Jack back in the car, raced home, searched for my wallet and I couldn't find it, went back out to the car and opened the door and there's the wallet between the seat and the door, jump in the car and race back to the post office, get Jack out of the car and in I go just in time to post them. So at least they're on their way now. Again I'm so sorry to my group that they are so late.

And a LO...

My cousin Lisa just sent me a message to say that she is going to be starting as a Party Plan Consultant for Wikidz childrens wear. Check out there site...

It looks like great stuff.

Well that's it from me tonight. Bye