Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's finished!!! The pool is finished!!

The pool is finished!!  Yaay, it looks fantastic too.  Jack and I had a swim and a spa this afternoon.  It was still a little bit cool but wasn't too bad.  I'm pretty sure it's going to be too cold to swim for his birthday though.

We had the pool installed by Stewart Pools and just in case anyone comes across this and is looking for a small pool, this model is called the Billabong 6.2 from Barrier Reef Pools.  It's a really good size and has a deep and a shallow end.  We got a spa bench and jets added as well.  Russell and Dan from Stewart Pools were just fantastic.  Russell was really great to deal with from the start and had some great ideas and was very helpful with working out the layout and design that would best suit us and then since then has been great with helping to co-ordinate everything and the job they have done is impeccable and they are both really nice, down to earth, easy to get along with guys.  Thanks Russell and Dan.  Dan's even a real life hero!!  He was on his way home for lunch one day and as he was driving along, he spotted flames in the window of a house so he pulled over, went and kicked in the front door to see if anyone was in the house then went around the side, climbed a fence, opened a window to make sure no-one was in danger before he was pulled away by the police!!Here's Jack dipping his feet in the spa end.  He was too chicken to get in though. (Note: the band aid, have you seen that ad on at the moment when the guy is in the spa, dips his head under and comes up with someone elses band aid hanging off his face, yucko!! I took the band aid off before he got in the pool, lol)
We are looking forward to many many years of enjoyment from our pool!!

I'll have more photos in a week or so once we've finished and furnished the patio area.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Did you think I'd given up blogging?

I have had things I could have been blogging about but it just hasn't happened plus whenever I try to use my computer lately it gets taken over by Jack!!  So here's a quick rundown...

Jack learnt how to do the washing up.

It has been raining alot here lately.  More than we have seen in years.  It's really nice to see the town looking so green for a change and there's probably more coming since there's a cyclone warning current for our area.  Jack got to test out his new  raincoat.

We havn't really been going for our Sunday walks lately because of the weather but we did go a couple of weeks ago to check out all the water.
Mum giving Jack and O a hand to cross over the creek.

And at home we've had a lot going on.  We now have a pool!!  Here's Jack and O trying out the dingo.  Owen got it well and truly bogged, lol.  Lucky I was there to advise him on how to get out of the bog.Jack watching Dad try to unbog the dingo.
Jack in the pool!! 
All ready for the concrete to be poured...
And this afternoon, concrete done!!
There are still a few things to do: the fence will be done next week, there are still some supports to go on the patio, there are pavers to go around the pool, lots of gardening to do, a bit of painting & some cleaning & some new furniture to be assembled.  I can't wait for the first BBQ!!

It was my Grandma's birthday on the 10th so we had dinner at my Aunt Marie & Uncle Rob's place.  It's great to see Grandma smiling and looking so good & of course Grandad too, he's a handsome devil as well.

Jack has had a few social engagements lately.  He had two parties to go to in one weekend.  The second was a super hero dress up ten pin bowling party!  It was a blast.  Jack of course went as Ben 10, his favourite super hero.
Everything else is going well around here, not much else to report really.  Jack's settled in well at school and is mostly excited to go every day.  His first school disco was meant to be tonight but was cancelled due to the cyclone warning.  Preparations are underway for Jack's 5th birthday party in a couple of weeks.  It's Easter weekend though so I am a little worried that a few of his friends won't be able to make it, we've already had a few "no's".
Ok, I'm off to make dinner.  Ciao.