Monday, May 08, 2006

Mexican Night!!

We had all our baby group friends over for a Mexican dinner last night and it went really well. All the babies had fun playing together and the dinner was really yummy(a bit spicy though). It was great to get all the hubby's together for a bit of a mingle since we girls see so much of each other and the guy's only see each other at birthday parties. Hopefully we'll be making it a regular thing.

Jack learnt to feed himself with a spoon the other night which Owen and I thought was really exciting. He's also learnt some not so exciting things as well such as how to pull over the bedside lamps and how to open my coin section of my wallet. Now if only I could teach him to iron...

Owen has finally finished the carport with the help of a mate and I think it might have inspired him to do some more around the place. He tidied up the front entrance and finally got the filler for my big pot so we now have a pretty little pond at our front door for me to display the gorgeous artificial water lilly I bought the other week.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Day at the Beach

We had the nicest day at the beach onMonday. Owen managed to get the day off so we packed up the jetski and headed down to meet up with everyone. It was a beautiful day and the water was great, just a little bit cool. I think Jack probably ate half the beach but he had a wondeful time and really enjoyed the water. He loved riding on his little jetski and daddy loved riding on his big jetski. All of the babies seemed to have a great day. Jack conked out in the car before we even got 200metres from the beach which was very cute.