Friday, October 24, 2008

Just some photos...

I'm trying to get a nice family photo of us for some Christmas projects so I decided to have a little photo shoot in the garden the other day...we'll have to try again. I got a couple of not too bad shots but nothing spectacular!! So anyhoo, here are the better shots I got.+Jack having a drink at the park. And a beautiful butterfly that was fluttering around my garden the other day.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The wedding...

So as I've said in earlier posts this weekend I had the honour of being a bridesmaid to my friend Charlene yesterday. The day went really really well. We started off early to have our hair and make up done before getting laced up in our gorgeous red dresses (I don't have a decent photo of the dress but it's this one, here) and helping Charlene into her stunning dress. Because the wedding was being held at the Capricorn Caves which is a bit out of town they decided to have the photos taken before the ceremony. The last of the pre-wedding photos was a big group family shot however...there was a surprise...everyone was all grouped and ready for the photo when Charlene announced to everyone that they had actually eloped in September last year!!!! So they've secretly been married for over a year now!!! Cheeky sneaky's!! I was impressed that they could keep that huge and exciting of a secret for so long. Lucky she didn't tell me hey. LOL. So anyway, after the dust settled we headed off to the caves for renewal of their vows in front of their family and friends.Charlene did a fantastic job of organising everything and it all looked staggeringly beautiful. Unfortunately I don't have too many photos to show but this is part of the bridal table decoration...Chalene had made rectangular boxes out of old coloured glass louvers for the table decorations which she had stamped and then filled the base with tealights and black polished stone and the placecard holders were the most gorgeous little metal pumpkin carraiges filled with M&M's.Here are Charlene & Aaron cutting the cake...And these are a couple of the girls from work, Camille & Ann along with Charlene and the back of my head. As I've already said Charlene did a beautiful job of organising everthing and it all looked stunning. I'm very honoured to have been invited to be a special part of their 2nd wedding. Congratulations Aaron and Charlene.

Jack's first sleepover with Grandma of course went fabulously. I was a bit worried that he'd keep her up all night but apparently he went to sleep very quickly which was a relief. He didn't want to come with us this morning. He wanted to keep playing with Grandma.

This morning we attended the baptism of our friends Michelle & Greg's beautiful daughter Heidi. Dosn't she look beautiful in her dress.
Jack's little friend Ollie looking very cute and cheeky.After the baptism we all headed to the sailing club for lunch and then the Bruckner's joined us at the beach for a bit of a play at the beach. I can't believe the difference in Jack since his whole 2 swimming classes. He was lying in the water and getting splashed in the face and swallowing water and doing fine!! He normally would have freaked out the second water touched his face.Jared, Charlotte & David.
Building sandcastles.So there you go, that was our weekend. :)

Oh & check out this unreal Halloween bathroom and here are some of her other decorations. How cool!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Halloween Home...

Well I've started decorating for halloween. I havn't done outside yet which is lucky because it bucketted down rain tonight but I have done inside. Last year I only had decorations up for the week before Halloween but since it takes sooooooooo long to take down the fake cobwebs I decided to do it a bit earlier this year. Wanna see?...

This is the table in the entry way.
These labels are from the Martha Stewart website. Gotta love Martha!!Our dining roomEdgar, our pet spider
The mouse cut outs are also off the Martha Stewart site. Have I said I love her site
Charlene and Aaron's wedding is on this weekend. I went and helped a little today and I can't believe all the gorgeous stuff Charlene has done. I can't wait to see it all together. It's going to be stunning.
And Jack is spending his first ever night away from home on Saturday night. He's staying at my Mum's for the night so that should be interesting. I know he'll be fine but Mum normally goes to bed early and he's very much a night owl.
Well I guess I'd better head to bed.
Catch u on the flip side.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


How're y'all doin?

Yesterday Jack and I met up with my Mum, Grandma, Aunt's Marie & Jenny, Alicia and her Mum at Delizie's for High Tea!! It was lovely. The first platters were savoury with caramelised onion and feta tarts, prawn sandwich rounds, a chicken roulade thing, smoked salmon and dill cream croissants. This was followed by the yummiest scones with an assortment of jams and double cream and then there were little almond meal cakes with lemon curd, cupcakes and little chocolate and fruit mince truffles. The atmosphere there is just lovely. A complimentary cocktail is served when you arrive which is made from sorbet and vodka. Lovely.

Then last night I went with my friend Kim to a Girls Night In a the Ginger Mule Tapas Bar (lovely atmosphere there btw) that was organised by someone from her work. We had a lovely night. In case you don't want to click the link for Girls Night In without knowing what you're clicking on it's a fundraising venture by the Australian Cancer Council to raise money for research into breast cancer so if you get a chance to attend one of the functions this month then good on ya mate! They had a bra auction with bras kindly donated by K-Mart (good on ya K-Mart), sold boobie chocolates (I got some for O), lucky door and a raffle. Your ticket for the night included a complimentary drink so I had a (well actually...more than one) delicious slushy Fruit Tingle. Yummy!! Afterwards Kim and I headed to Macca's for coffee and cake and then back to my place for a chat. It was great.

Jack and I have had a lazy day today. We had a bit of a lie in bed this morning discussing the important things in a 3.5 year old long until Santa is coming? LOL. I love Christmas so it probably does get mentioned a bit and I drool over all the Christmas decorations that are out in the store so Jack is already getting a wee bit excited about it. That's why I'm going to decorate and have a dinner to celebrate Halloween, just so he (and I) have something to occupy us.

My friend Erica dropped in with her girls Lauren and Hayley for a little play this morning which was great and then Grandma came over this arvo for her Sunday visit. She bought a little craft thing for Jack to do and a trio of jigsaws. We had a coffee and some slice (thanks Erica) and then were getting ready to head out for our walk when Owen came home. He thought we had waited for us so he came for a walk with us too which was lovely. Anyhoo, enough blabbering from me, here's a few photos.

My gorgeous agapanthus which is oh so very close to bursting into bloom.

A couple of shots from down at the creek.Jack hitching a lift across the creek with Grandma.The beautiful waterlillies.Some other flora...Jack and Daddy on the slide.Jack and Grandma.Some fluffy headed moths all tucked up for the night.The 'hash' tomatoes. LOL. That's what Owen calls them. These tomatoes popped up after the flood down near the creek and every week we pull off the ripe ones and take them home. Owen's convinced they're a cross breed.And the dinner I made tonight using said tomatoes...tomato, olive and cheese tart. Yummo!!Not so yummo however...Makes my heart speed up a bit just looking at the photo. I saw two freakin' snakes today so if you're walking through the Kershaw Gardens keep your eyes out. The first one I saw when I was down at the waters edge. You should have seen how quickly I hightailed it outta there. Then the second one, the one in the photo, Mum and I were practically about to walk on either side of it when I spotted it and screamed at Mum..."BACK UP!! BACK UP!! SNAKE!!!". Now I know some people like snakes (Hiya Paul & Diane), I however only like them if they're behind glass. LOL. Anyway, they're there and I know we're in their home but as long as I can avoid them I'm happy.

K, cheers.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I know I know...

I know I said I'd update more regularly but seriously nothing much has been happening...well apart from my birthday!!
I'm now 35!! Woohoo!! I had a lovely birthday, well a lovely couple of days actually. My Mummy's birthday is the day before mine so we had a family dinner on Saturday night for my Mum. I set the table with folded linen napkins and glassware etc etc, had a nice arrangement of fresh hippy's out of my garden and had balloons hanging from my tree branch thing and candle and things. The table looked beautiful!! I took photos, also took photos of Mum blowing out the cake etc etc and then when I went to look at them I discovered that there was no freakin' card in the camera!! BUGGER!!!
So Sunday, my birthday, we were woken very early in the morning by Jack (apparently his knees were hurting). I had stayed up watching a movie until 2 the so being woken at 6 wasn't really a birthday treat!! After a way way big cup of coffee Jack and I tidied up a bit and then spent the morning relaxing, me flicking through books while Jack watched a movie. In the afternoon my Mum, G'ma and Aunt's along with a couple of my friends came over for afternoon tea and then we took the kids for our Sunday arvo walk. Mum originally started taking Jack for walks on Sunday to give me a little break and to try and wear him out, this is what it's evolved into...LOL...the adults get more exercise than the kids!!Jack's getting pretty good at throwing wobblies!! You should have seen him when Charlotte went on the slide. He plopped himself down on his butt and chucked a little tanty. I tell ya, these only children, they don't like to share.
So that's about all there is to talk about. I've been doing a bit of my Christmas shopping and have the majority done now or at least lay-by'd which is great. I normally leave it till the last minute and then run around frantically in the days before Christmas. Still no scrapbooking!! Which sucks. I would like to do it but I seriously can't get near my desk, I've got too much crap to sort and find places for, like un-used furniture.
Anyhoo, I'm off to watch Project Runway, I'll leave you with a photo of my gorgeous boy. And another...

Just what every kid asks for for Christmas...

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