Sunday, March 11, 2012

We have had some goings on going on lately!!  Last Sunday we headed down to Brisbane.  O had an  appointment with an eye specialist and the nearest is down that way so we had our first exciting train trip!!  Jack got a little wriggly towards the end of the 7-8 hour trip but he handled it pretty well really.

We got a taxi to our hotel and checked in.  We stayed at the Hotel Grand Chancellor which was quite nice.  The view was really good.  The hotel overlooks the Roma Street Parklands with the city and river beyond.

Jack had actually chosen where we were going to stay and this is why...

 ...the rooftop pool!!  Of couse as soon as we checked in that is where he wanted to go so we went up and checked it out and then when Owen's brother Ian arrived we went up and O and Jack had a bit of a swim.  Jack kept going between the warm spa and the cold pool.

After the swim we headed down to the Queen Street Mall and had dinner at Jo Jo's.  Interesting decor and interesting menu choices, lol.  Such a mix of cuisines, steaks, oriental, italian...interesting.  The meals were pretty good.

On Monday we headed back down to the Mall for some breaky before having a little browse around the shops before Owen's appointment.  The one shop I wanted to visit, Lush, was closed for renovations.  You can buy their stuff online but it's not the same as getting that olfactory overload of walking into the store.  I LOVE their blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  It is devine!!  I do still have half a piece left from Christmas.

After Owen's appointment we headed back to the Mall and Jack had a ball upstairs in the Myer centre at the kids arcade there and then we met up with O's brother and walked over to Southbank.

First we went to the Brisbane Museum and checked out all the interesting things they have there.  Jack of course loved the dinosaur skeleton replicas and all of the animal displays.  It's a very cool place to visit and I'd definitely recommend it particularly if you have kiddies.

After the Museum we went for a walk along Southbank.  Jack absolutely love the water area.  I tried to find a store that was still open to buy a towel so he could go in but everywhere had just closed so he just had to try not to get too wet.  It was practically deserted when we were there.

We headed back towards the bridge along the rivers edge...

and then Jack and I went up in the big wheel to check out the sites.

For dinner we headed to Beastie Bugers.  O loves burgers!  They were pretty damm good too, nice and juicy but the wedges with aioli were particularly yummo.  It was great to be able to spend so much time with Ian while we were there.

The floods were a bit of an issue for the trip home.  We were due to head back on the train but due to the flooding we had to be bus'ed the inland route up to Bundaberg and then the train the rest of the way to Rockhampton.  It was a long long way home, 12 hours!!  The staff of Queensland Rail were fantastic!!  They were so friendly and apologetic and our meals were all complimentary all the way home which was a bonus.  Jack was actually excited by the late arrival home because he got to stay up past midnight.  We kept him home from school the next day but of course he wouldn't have nap!!  I made him have some quiet time though.

We have had a busy week to follow up the trip away too.  Four parties this weekend!!  Jack's mate Mitchell was the first party on Friday night, a disco party.  The long week I think caught up with both Jack and I that night and we both had little melt downs but Jack tells me it was still the best party of the weekend.

On Saturday we headed to the park to meet up with some of my family for little Bronwyn's 5th Birthday.  The park on the riverside there is just the best place for kids.  There are so many different swings and activities and things and a great track for scootering and good visibility so the parents can just sit back and see where their kids are.

Here's Bronnie trying out her new skipping rope with a helping hand from her Grandma and Great Auntie Marie.

Jack having a scoot...

And pass-the-parcel...

The boys tested out the trees for climbing...

And lastly a photo of my beautiful orchid which is blooming gloriously.  This orchid was a gift from my Grandma so it's bloom at this time is extra special for me.  xoxo