Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some scrapping...

This photo is from my Granparents 60th Wedding Anniversary celebrations. Don't they look sweet.
Just Jack!!
And a Chrissy LO. These photos are from last Christmas, I thought I'd better get them scrapped since it's not long 'til Christmas again!!And the pages individually...Well, still no laptop of course. Still waiting to hear from the insurance company to find out if the quote has even been accepted!! Have I mentioned that I hate waiting. Oh well, I guess that's my punishment for breaking my precious laptop in the first place.

Not much else happening. Owen is on holidays but it's soooooooooo hot and muggy at the moment it's hard to get the motivation to do anything.

I started walking with a friend 2 afternoons a week awhile ago. We walk along this really nice path at the base of the mountains so it's just a gradual incline and there's always a nice breeze. Up and back is 4km so it's a decent walk and takes us about an hour, however, we take Jack along of course on his trusty little tricycle and up is not so bad, at least I have something to sort of lean on but the way down is a b*tch. At the top of any decline Jack tells me to let go of the handle and then peddles like he's in the olympics and Ann and I have to run to keep up. I was nearly dying yesterday and was trying to hold him back and he's yelling at me like a bootcamp coach, "You've got to jog Mummy, JOG!!"

I'm heading off to Spotlight today (thanks for the e-mail Felicity) to see what things I can find. I have to buy fabric for my Christmas tablecloths and I'm going to make napkins too since I bought those gorgeous napkin rings(they were only 50c for 2). Hang on I'll take a photo of them... And I've just been looking at the Martha Stewart website so I think I'll be buying some felt to make these and I'm going to make these too but I'm going to try to spray paint it green first. I hope it dosn't droop.
Well I'd better get a wriggle on.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Jack's Toy Story Bedroom

Well I've still got a couple of things left to do, Owen is going to make a bedhead/safety rail for the top bunk, we've got a bookcase to move in when Owen cuts it down, and I've got some lamp shades to cover but here's a couple of photos of Jack's newly decorated Toy Story themed room!!

Here's his room before...

And after...

My laptop is going to be AGES!! It takes 5 days just for the insurance to ok the quote then they'll have to order the part and blah blah blah. I'm using the theatre room computer at the moment so I'm looking at a screen that's about 2 x 3 metres. Just a little bit of overkill. lol.

It's Owen's birthday tomorrow. He'll be the ripe old age of 35, just like me. I'm working tommorrow and Jack's at daycare so he'll have the whole day to himself and I have no doubt that he'll probably spend it playing Tour of Duty 5 or whatever the game is I bought him today.

Well I'm off to watch The Amazing Race.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

I scrapped!!

How many months has it been? I cleaned up my desk last night, sat down and actually did a page. Wouldn't you know it though, when I went to start I discovered I had no double sided tape. Murphy's law. lol laptop's still buggered!!

It is covered by insurance however thankfully but it's sitting in some cold dark and lonely repair shop at the mo. I dropped it off on Monday to get a quote which finally came today (I dread to think how long the actual repair is going to take) so now I just have to wait for approval from the insurance, wait for parts no doubt, wait for the tech to actually fix it!!! Wait, Wait WAIT!!!! I can't stand it. I miss my laptop...sob, sob...
My beautiful friend Kim celebrated her birthday this week (Happy Birthday Kim) and so did one of the second round babies from our Mum's group, Heidi (Happy Birthday Heidi) so we headed out on Monday night to Sizzler for dinner to celebrate. I pity the poor people around our table. Haha. It was a lovely night though, it's always good to catch up with friends and the kids were actually pretty well behaved.
We've been having conversations around our house about Jack's sleeping arrangements. At the moment we're all co-sleeping which has it's positives and it's negatives. It's nice to know Jack's just there and it feels all lovey dovey all in together but the negatives as you can imagine is that we're all in together. There's not much room. So anyway I've given Jack's room a bit of a re-vamp, well a Toy Story makeover so we'll see if that helps. I've still got a few things to do, make curtains, cover lampshades, move in a bookcase and when I get my laptop back rest assured there'll be photos. Owen's computer won't read the 4gig camera card unfortunately.
So that's about it. I can't wait to post the photos of Jack's room, it's pretty cool. Till then, catch u on the flipside.
Oh and I won my Ebay auction too btw!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I killed my laptop :(

I went to put my laptop on the bed tonight while I turned down the bedside light and the screen flopped back and barely even slapped against the headboard and when I turned it on the screen had cracked :( I'm soooooo peeved. It's not like I'm completely without a computer, we have another 3 in the house and hopefully my laptop will be covered under my house & contents insurance (if not I'll be REALLY pissed) but I already feel like a piece of me is missing. I'm sure some people would read that and think I'm pathetic, it's only a laptop right but I love my laptop. I'm a list maker and I have folders on my desktop of Christmas things, like edited photos that I need to access and stuff and it's just a pain not being able to use what I want. Anyhoo, I know there are alot bigger issues that people have to deal with but I just want it back. Boo hoo for me.

Well, whilst on the subject of Christmas, one of the folders on my desktop was 'Christmas Wants'. That's not things I want to receive as gifts it's all the gorgeous Department 56 North Pole village pieces I want. I bought a Christmas train set from the swap meet months ago which of course dosn't work (you people who sold it to me saying that it did work, be prepared, Karma is a bitch) so anyway I found a cute little set from Crazy Clark's and it was only $13. It's nothing all that special, just a cheapy plastic train but I have this whole set designed in my head of a Christmas display I'm going to do on my buffet. LOL. Am I crazy??? I have even been kept awake at night going through the pieces in my head. Sad, sad exsitance hey. Anyhoo, here's one piece of Dept 56 stuff.
I lost 2 auctions last week on ebay but there's another ending on Monday(please if you read my blog don't big against me). The thing I just don't get is this, I bought the above piece, the reindeer spa, last year from Target, I actually bought it at half price after Christmas but the shelf price was $70 and yet in America the pieces go for that in US dollars or more. I don't get it. And of course Target dosn't seem to have them this year.

So there you go, there's a little insight into what goes on in my decorating obsessed brain. LOL.

I've ordered my Christmas cards today through Vista and will order my stamps tommorrow. It took a fair bit of blackmailing to get Jack to sit for the photo shoot this year, I guess it'll only get harder. I feel bad but it's amazing how many things you can stop my child from doing just by saying that Santa will bring him one less present if he does it, for example picking his nose and eating it!! The habit is very nearly broken. He's such a good sweet child, gullible but good. LOL. Just kidding sweetie. I love him like you wouldn't beleive.
The grumpy elf look.
Well it's shockingly late (2.15am, damm you Grey's Anatomy) so I had best get myself off to bed.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween ...

Well Halloween is over for another year and we had a great night!! I really love Halloween decorations, they're so much fun but now that they're down I can't wait for Christmas!!

I made some cupcakes to take to work.
And then my some of my mother's group friends came over for Trick or Treating and some dinner. Since Halloween's not really celebrated in Australia I actually organise certain neighbours for the kids to visit and provided them with some treats for the kids. Here's the kids all ready to head out (from left, Sofie, Oliver, Jared & Jack), Charlotte didn't want her photo taken and unfortunately our little friends, Lauren & Hayley & Nicola & Heidi couldn't attend.The kids had a great time Trick or Treating. Sofie picked it up really quickly!! LOL, she was very cute. It was especially nice to call on our neighbours at the end of the street because they have a little boy around 2 and he was so excited to see all the kids. Jack was so funny, I made his costume and he was asleep at the time so I didn't really have a sizing model. Every time he bent over his little plumbers crack would show because he insisted on going commando (apparently leopard's don't wear jocks). LOL
Then we headed back home for dinner. The kiddies dined on bat nuggets and chips and we had a jack-o'lantern cheese ball for nibbles and then a delicious slow cooked roast made by the Williams's with veges and for desert the Bruckner's yummy trifle, spideweb cheesecake and sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce. It was all very delish!!Here's the dinner table...pretty spooky huh?!And for liquid refreshments, Zombie Virus (lime coloured lemon, lime & bitters) and Dracula's Delight (colour altered red creaming soda). Again I just have to say how much I LOVE the Martha Stewart website!! It ROCKS!!!
And thank you to Tricia and Jason for dressing up, Jason you looked very handsome, a great partner to your smoking hot redheaded wife. I don't think I got a photo of Owen unfortunately. He was dressed as Wolverine from X-Men and had grown his sideburns in especially for it.
Last night we went to my work Christmas party at my boss's house. They had the party early because they are going to be moving home soon. WOW!! Kaye sure knows how to cater. The food was devine. Pate, dips, sushi, onion and feta tartlets for nibbles followed by roast beef, chicken wings, salads and veges for dinner and delicious tiramisu, little friands and fresh rasperries for desert. Their home is so beautifully decorated and their tastes are exquisite. The party was Melbourne Cup themed and so I made this fascinator from from flowers and foliage I bought from work and some ribbon. It was a very enjoyable night and the weather was so lovely, perfect for a patio party.
This is just a random shot of some water trapped on a spiderweb that Owen spotted in the garden. Since I started scrapbooking it's really funny the things he notices to photograph.
And lastly...I'M PUBLISHED!!! My 'smile for the camera' LO is featured in the current issue of Scrapbooking Memories magazine (Vol 10 No. 8 in case anyone wants to rush out and buy it). I'm very excited, it's only my second LO ever published. I actually havn't scrapped in ages, lack of workspace at the moment but I'm hoping to get into it again soon. I owe some friends a couple of little projects that I've been incredibly slack with and I have to get moving on my SS pressie for EB.
Anyhoo, I better run. I did a Christmas photo shoot with Jack today and I've got a ton of photos to edit.
Catch you on the flip side.