Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This sweet adorable face...

Being a Mum can be a tough job.  Jack has had a little difficulty adjusting to school this year and we have had lots of tears.  Having to peel his little arms from around my waist in the morning at school is hard.  We've also had some instances where he has been pushing his boundaries which I know is a normal way for a child of his age to act but he has always been such a well behaved little guy that I have found dealing with these circumstances quite difficult.  As much as I know he doesn't mean it, it breaks my heart when he tells me that I'm the worst Mum ever and that I'm mean.  Oh my does it hurt but this face, this cheeky little guy with those adorable freckles makes my heart feel so joyous.   
I just love this photo even though he's munging out on a dixie drumstick at the time I just think it's adorable.

It was my Grandma's birthday last week and we had a lovely family dinner at Rob & Marie's to celebrate.  I love to see Jack have so much fun playing with his second cousins.  It brings back great memories of all the family time I spent with my cousins.
It's so funny how kids know that there's no way you can blow out a sparkler but they always have to have a go at it.

Blow kids, blow...

It's hard to get time for family get together s with the time pressures of life in modern times and so it's hard to get photos of family together too.  I was so happy with these next to photos of my Mum with my brother and then with my niece Rasharna.  I think they are both such lovely shots.  I just love phots, lol.

This is Jack's cousin Ally.  They go to school together and were in the same class last year.  He thinks she's pretty cool.  He was so cute when I took the photo, he put his little arm around her.  Adorable.

This cute little fella just hung out all night at the party.  There was also a little possum visitor to the party too but I only managed to get a photo of it's butt.

We've had a jet-ski for years now and Owen used to go out pretty regularly before Jack was born but it hasn't been used in ages so Owen and one of his mates rosters coincided and the opportunity arose so they went down to the river on Sunday.  Jack has been pretty eager to get out there too.  I thought (sort of hoped) he'd be turned off by the murky water in the river but alas no, he jumped on.

I thought they'd just putter around near the jetty but they headed out right down the river and around the corner.  I should have taken binoculars so I could tell who was on which ski.

When he came back to shore he was so excited to tell me that they'd gone  a 5 and a 7!  57 MILES PER HOUR!! What a little speed demon!  It is fun out on the ski.  I much prefer it at the beach though where the water isn't so murky and there's not a sign telling you not to swim because of the crocodiles in the area.  I think I'll be pretty hard pressed getting a turn now though, now that Jack's had his first taste.