Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Karate Kid and other adventures...

So Jack has recently started karate which he just loves.  He just goes to one lesson a week and one of his friends from school goes as well.  They just got their uniform this week which he was ultra-eager to try on.

This weekend was our work Christmas party at the Capricorn Resort down at Yeppoon.  We don't stay away from home much so Jack was very excited about the little milks that they supply especially when he found out that they were free and that you could actually drink them.

He even has a little milk mustache.

Jack had a ball at the party.  There were Christmas bon-bons and streamer poppers!!  What more can you ask for when you're five!!  He then danced the night away, showing off his groovy moves on the dance floor.

The weather this weekend has been dismal but the boys went for a swim in the freezing pools anyway.  Jack's first ever water slide adventure.  He took a bit of convincing to get him to go down the slide but of course after the first time he wanted to keep going back.

Some friends of ours came down with their kids and we had brunch at the resort which was delicious.  Afterwards we went for a walk down by the pool and the kids had a little the freezing pool in the rain.

It was a nice weekend.  It's nice to get away from home every once in a while but it's also nice to get back home.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Our Halloween Party!!

Well of course we had one!  How could we not after all the decorating.

We started off with a swim, followed by some nibbles by the pool including Devillish Eyeballs, Fermented Cheese Log and Bat Wings.

I made some Spiced Pumpkin Cookies to give to the neighbors as a gift for letting the kids Trick or Treat.

Here are the kids all dressed up ready to head out Trick or Treating.  I'm not sure where Lauren was for the photo.  I can see a little toe in the bottom left though.

And off they headed...

...well off we all headed including my Mum and my Grandma who had her first Trick or Treat experience.

Jack was a Scorporilla this year which is a creature out of the Crash Bandicoot games.  Scary hey.

After Trick or Treating we headed home to get even more candy from the pinata.  No matter how quickly I think those pinatas are going to bust they always take forever!!

We then wrangled the kids to have a BBQ dinner followed by some yummy deserts including these Caramel Apples.

It was a great night and the kids had an absolute blast.