Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanks Dee & Deanne for thinking that I 'might' be capable of having a house like that but alas no. The pictures are from the Wattyl website.

I've finished my design for our Christmas card and went and a sample printed today. I'm really happy with it. It just needs a little tweek and it'll be done. I ordered some personalised stamps today as well. I also have lists galore to try and get a bit organised with regards to Christmas this year as although I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and am really excited to be hosting it this year I do have a tendency to over cater and stress when it's not necessary.

I went to start my Christmas shopping today. I have bought a couple of things earlier for my mum and stuff but today I had planned to get into it. My plan didn't quite work. I decided to do the vacumming before I went and I had a few dishes to do and then decided maybe I should do a quick nap and I had to check an address on the net and by then it was time for Jack's nap so we didn't even leave the house until 4. I had to go to the bank to get some money out and organise a cheque and stuff and by the time we got out of the bank it was 4.28pm. I had wanted to get Jack's photo taken but they closed up at 4.30pm. Grrrrrrr. So, I got half of one present. Not much of a dent really but anyhoo.

We've got a bit of a weekend coming up. Tomorrow night after work we've got Jack's DC Christmas party. I've got to bake some cookies tonight before bed. On Saturday morning I'm going to get my haircut which I'm really excited about. I'm going to one of the girls I work with's hairdresser and I'm going to let her do whatever but just keep a bit of length. My hair currently is brown and boring. Just a long straight boring do. Unfortunately they can't fit me in for a colour but I might be able to work something out myself. One of out friends Ben is coming over to help Owen finish off the wall for the theatre room so hopefully they'll get that done this weekend and then we can get started fitting out the laundry (my new scrap space) and paint and stuff. Should be good. Saturday night is the Fire in the Sky fireworks display so we'll probably take Jack but we havn't yet decided. Then on Sunday morning Mum, Grandma, Magda, Jack and I are going to the markets a Callipe. It's the last one for the year and is probably the biggest one in our area all year.

Jack has been such a good boy lately but he's turned into and absolute Wiggles addict. He'd hardly gotten out of bed this morning and straight away wanted the Wiggles turned on. He comprehends everything!! He definately understands the naughty mat and he's really good at staying put when you put him there and then when he gets off he gives you a hug. He says no worries which I say all the time without knowing it but it sounds so cute. He's getting sooooo good at going down for a nap during the day and he's normally pretty good at going to bed a night. If Owen gets involved in the night time routine however it puts everything out which is bad for me because it means Owen can't put him to bed at night. We're thinking of getting him a bed but I really think we need to make sure he can go to bed properly first. He loves reading books at bedtime though. We've been reading The Night Before Christmas for the last week and he loves it.

Scrap wise I've done nothing but shop!! I've got paper galore but no time to do anything. I'm nearly finished my SS gift for EB which I'm a little nervous about. I guess I can only do the best I can do right. I think it's going to look good though. I bought some great stuff from KSK today since they had 50% off all their ribbons.

Well I better sign off. I've got to go bake those cookies and wash my work clothes.

BFN, oh here's some pics.

How cute is this reindeer photo

The new tiles

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Our house

I thought I'd go into a bit more detail about what we're doing since I've been MIA a bit lately. We pulled up the carpet/lino in the lounge, dining, kitchen and hallway and have had tiles put down. We're replacing all the skirting in said areas as well and get a new flat bullnose skirting which I think looks really good. I did all the cutting and everything for the skirting and it dosn't look too bad at all. The carpets in the bedrooms are being replaced as well which is happening on Monday which means we'll probably be sleeping in the lounge room on Sunday night since Owen has a meeting first thing Monday morning. The carpet is a beige sort of colour and is just a straight cut pile which is going to make a huge difference. Bye bye ugly grey carpets!! In the garage which had been used all these years as a big dump zone we are building a wall the seperate the laundry off and will be incorporating a bit of a desk work area for my scrapping with some shelves and things for storage. It should be good, a bit closed off maybe but I can always work at the kitchen table as well. The other end of the garage which is only about 3 x 4.5metres is going to be a home theatre room. We have had the whole area tiled and have a sliding glass door on order. We are going to paint the back wall (behind the screen) a colour called Espresso Syrup and the other walls a colour called Spun Toffee. We already have the Espresso Syrup colour in our normal lounge room as a feature wall behind the TV. We bought a twin recliner in a dark brown colour and the most gorgeous rug that will probably nearly cover the entire floor but that will be good for sound. We can only fit seating for two in there but I've got some cute suede footstools in a co-ordinating colour for other people to sit on.
A few people have asked if we've won the lotto but we just decided to do everything at once and get all the reno's over with. It just happened to co-incide with Owen buying his bike.
I can't wait for it all to be finished though. I've got junk everywhere. Owen is off this weekend as well as next weekend so we're hoping to at least start on the wall this weekend, the bedrooms will be carpeted and then re-organised next week and then the following weekend we can put up all the Christmas lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAAY for Christmas!!! I really think Jack's going to enjoy it this year especially all the lights and things. And quite a few of our family are coming home for Christmas this year which will be great and we're hosting this year as well since we have air-conditioning so we don't have to pack and drive around everywhere. I'm just going to hire a couple of trestle tables and some chairs but it's going to be a bit of a squeeze. Then early in the new year my cousins, Julie, Karen and Lisa are coming up for a week with all their little ones and are going to stay at the beach house so Jack and I might go down for a couple of days as well so we can have a good catch up.
It's all very exciting.
Anyhoo, I'd better choof off.

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