Monday, June 30, 2008

Our weekend...

Well Saturday we really didn't do much at all. Jack and I just hung around the house watching movies because I wasn't feeling very well.
I've started working the weekend days that Owen is off. I know, I know, we don't get to see each other very much as it is but I think it's nice that Owen has some alone time with Jack and the extra money is handy. As I was late home from work on Sunday Owen went on the Sunday walk with Grandma Joy and I have him trained so well, he took the camera with him. LOL. They didn't get very far though, just down to the creek for Jack's newest favourite pastime...rock throwing. Mum tells me Owen had a go as well.
And here's Jack showing off the popping seed pods that we find down at the creek. When you squeeze them they make a popping sound...the wonders of nature.On Sunday night we went and saw the Watoto African Children's Choir. It was a free concert and it was just fantastic. There were a few of us, Owen, Jack and I and my Mum and Grandma, my Aunt's Jenny & Marie and Owen's Dad. It was intermingled with a bit of religion which is not really my thing but the kid's singing and their stories are just so touching. Watoto is a non-profit organisation that builds communities to house the orphans of the Aids epidemic and the war in Uganda. If anyone is looking for a special gift for someone you should check out their shop or you could sponsor a child/mother. : )This morning we all had a sleep in and then Jack and I went for a play with our friends which was really nice. We got home just after midday and woke Daddy up!! He was up late last night watching Dr Who and junk like that. I left Jack at home with Owen and was going to go and grab a Captain Nemos sub(yummo!!) but I decided to check out Vinnies first. Well, an hour and a half later!! I got some great bargains today. I got a button front Target shirt for myself and a pair long pants and a long sleeved shirt for Jack and then I also got for $1 each a 000 striped bonds suit, 2 pairs of Bright Bots training pants, the cutest little knitted hat, a tiny pair of Fred Bare girls shorts and these...
Fred Bare long pants with little wings on the bottom of the leg (they've got a couple of little marks on them though)And this cute little Seed dressNow don't jump to any conclusions here people. I'm NOT pregnant. They were just bargains and I can't miss a bargain can I. Hopefully they'll get some use sometime but nope, unfortunately not pregnant.
Actually speaking of the whole pregnancy, or lack there of, thing, Jack has decided lately that he wants a sister. All his friends have sisters so I guess he thinks he's missing out on something. He's mentioned it a few times and the other day I was listening to him talking to one of his toys and telling it that "Ollie has a sister, Jared has a sister, Lauren has a sister, Nicola has a sister, but we don't have a sister" and then today he threw a wobbly as we were leaving Tricia's house because he wanted a sister. Add a whole nother pressure to the TTC merry-go-round let me tell you. However the other day when we were at a dress shop and Jack wouldn't share the toys with another little boy that was there I told him he needed to share and his reply was, "No! I don't have to! He's not my sister!".
So after the little spending spree at Vinnies I was on my way to Nemo's when I heard on the radio that Spotlight had 20% off everything today so I went and grabbed some thickers and a couple of other things. That took another hour and by then I thought that Nemo's would probably be nearly closed so I may as well go and spend my voucher at the scrap shop and then Owen rang to say my Mum was at our place so I headed home for coffee and a chat with Mum. Jack wanted to take his camera (not a real one) down to the creek so we went for our Sunday walk today since I missed out on it yesterday. Jack was so funny. He stopped at the neighbours fence a couple of doors down and took a few sequential shots of the passionfruit vine (just like Mummy).
After we threw our usual 50 or so rocks in the creek we crossed over to the other side. Someone has been making little rock or log "bridges" over the creek. Jack started walking across the rocks and lost his balance a bit, as he bent down to recover there was a 25cm turtle right beside him (see arrow). It's a shame I wasn't taking sequential shots then. He nearly pooped himself!! Poor little bugger. As he was going to sleep tonight he was telling me how the turtle had scared him a bit and how he had scared the turtle too.We found this cute little frog on the same tree in the same area as the beetles. I presume they are eating them, there was another one in the area as well. Well that's it. Not very exciting hey but I thought I'd better find something to put on my blog.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scrapping up a storm!!

Well avoiding my housework at least. LOL. I'm having one of those weeks, you know how it is. I have a mountain of clean washing that needs to be sorted/folder/hung and I mean a MOUNTAIN!! I just don't feel like instead I've been hiding in my scrap room.

Firstly here's the LO that Jack did yesterday whilst keeping me company in my hideaway...Obviously I cut out the flowers and I helped in the paper selection but he did everything else himself. Check out his button grouping, talented kid hey.

And now for my layouts...
And here's Jack doing his popeye impression...
A photo of my murray which is flowering up a storm!! I just love the fragrance of this plant and the shrub always looks healthy because of the glossy dark green leaves, good hedging plant if anyone's looking for something like that.Our palm tree is seeding at the moment and I thought it looked nice with the green seeds on the creamy stems.
Don't have your volume up too loud for this one but here is Jack's rendition of Busy Buses. Hopefully his singing will improve with age but the dance and dramatic arm waving impressed me.

I havn't been up to much lately. We went and ordered our bridesmaid dresses on Saturday and then found our jewellery as well which was good. On Monday Jack and I went over to Kim and David's for a play with the kids which was great. I really miss our Mum's and Bub's group get togethers. I was so lucky to meet such a nice group of women and I know that we'll be friends for many years to come.
That's about it I'm afraid, pretty boring stuff really!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hmmmm, maybe I shouldn't have painted Jack's face last night. This morning he wanted to be a tiger which I had to re-apply twice because we don't actually have face paints, I've used an el cheapo make up kit and a damp applicator. Then he wanted to be an elephant (how the hell do you do an elephant?) so then he painted me as a butterfly (on acid maybe) then I did him as a boy butterfly which was wrong, wrong, wrong. He burst into tears as soon as I'd finished and he hadn't even seen it so no photos of that one because we had to wash it off straight away and it was so cute.
And a LO...I didn't say it was a good LO. :P

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Look what I got...!!!

When we got home tonight there was a big box at our front door addressed to me!! Straight away Owen asks what I've been buying :P So anyhoo, we opened it up and look what I got... a gorgeous hamper of gourmet delights and a beautifully written card from my wonderful family as a thank you for my part in the organisation of my gorgeous Grandparents 60th anniversary party. As I said to my Mum and my Aunt Diane tonight, I feel very privaleged to be a part of such a beautiful, caring family. Love you guys!! and thank you(and yes Diane, I did open the macadamia nuts tonight).
Here are a couple of photos from our walk on Sunday with Grandma Joy. You'll note that Jack is wearing a hoodie. Jack has been wearing a variety of hoodies non-stop for weeks now. He just flat out refuses to wear anything but hoodies and he won't take his shoes off either.

Jack and Grandma making their way across the log creek crossing.
Blowing the thistles.
The beetles are still there and are nearly double in size. There's not so many of them though.
I had to clean out Ishy 2's tank the other day so I decided to change his wallpaper. Cosmo Cricket's Cog smo Mr Roboto. Cute hey.And lastly here's my little clown.
When we picked Jack up from daycare this afternoon one of the older kids had his face painted and when we told Jack it was time to go he said, "I can't go yet, I havn't had my face painted yet" so I said I'd do it when we got home. So this is what I came up with...I now have bright red lipstick on my quilt cover. LOL, but he was happy.
Oh and Ang C, how freakin' bad was my acting!! Lucky I'm at an age where I find it very easy to laugh at myself otherwise I would probably have had to quit work(I am on an ad for work at the moment and let's just say I don't think I'm going to win an Oscar this year...I suck!!...big time!!!)
K, ciao.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is why i LOVE the internet...+ some LO's...+ my new furniture...+ my goregous boy!!

My friend Charlene is getting married in October and I am going to be one of her bridesmaids so in the search of dresses, hairstyles, etc etc I have been visiting some of the most gorgeous blogs EVER!! I am SOOOOO glad I got married when I did because if I had to decide on anything now there would be no way!! There are just so many beautiful colour palettes and table settings and bouquets and invitations. It would send me crazy. But I just LOVE all the inspiration!!
Here are a few of my favourites...

Style Me Pretty...I visit almost every day. Love the colour inspirations, great for scrap colour combos. Gorgeous stuff. And the paper goods they feature...OMG...stunning
It also led me to this...Inkbox Designs...oooh-la-la. I especially LOVE the passport wedding invitations.

Sparkliatti... another gorgeous wedding blog!!
Snippet & Ink... and another wedding blog!!
So if you are getting married definately check those sites out but be may change your wedding theme about 5000 times after seeing all the gorgeous things on these sites.

For home decor I love...
Pottery Barn... their stylist ROCK!!! I mean not everything is my 'style' but their merchandising is fabulous.
And lastly...
Matha Stewart... for EVERYTHING!! Decor inspiration, party planning, recipes, gifts, kids crafts. One of the best sites on the net in my opinion.
There are just so many beautiful things to be seen!!

Speaking of beautiful...look at my little asleep...
...on the arm of the lounge chair!! LOL

I was scrapbooking and Owen was in the theatre room and I thought Jack was awfully quiet, I went out to discover him asleep on the arm of the lounge. Lucky he didn't roll off.

Speaking of scrapbooking, here are my last few pages. I'm not particularly happy with them though. They're OK but just a bit too plain. Oh well.And check out my new furniture(inset big grin here). My boss went crazy with the markdowns the other day. We had been eyeing off this buffet for awhile because it matches our dining table and it had been marked down from $1499 to $599 but we already had a buffet...well it was actually a dressing table and mirror that I'd bought on sale awhile we decided not to get it but then as I said my boss went crazy and I ended up buying the buffet, sofa table and lamp table all for less than the original $599 sale price!!! Unbelievable bargain!!

So here's the buffet...And here's the sofa table...

And there's a lamp table as well. The dressing table and mirror that we were using as a buffet is now going to go into our bedroom and I'm ordering in the bedsides to match and our furniture will go into the end bedroom which is my scraproom/junk storage. Now if I could just decide which dining chairs I want...

And one last photo of Jack, just because he's so gorgeous!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I hardly even know where to start...

Well for starters our internet has been playing up, hence the no posting!! Touch wood, it's working okay tonight for me. I'm sure everyone has just been waiting on baited breath to hear what I've been up : )

So...the annual Rockhampton Show was on last week. I had been planning on entering this year in the scrapbooking, baking and photography sections but when I looked it up on the net I was too late and entries had already closed but while I was looking Jack was looking over my shoulder so he asked me what it was about and I showed him some pictures and explained how exciting it was and blah blah blah. Bad move!! We had to count down for a fortnight leading up to it. He was talking about it constantly and acually still does mention it on a regular basis. The big day arrived and we headed off along with Grandma Joy, Grandma Jean & Auntie Jenny. Jack was such a good boy. He patiently looked through all the pavilions and things with us and stayed in him pram for a bit of the time and held hands. He had rides on a few different things (I thought I was going to be sick on the cup and saucer ride), played all the clown ball games and had a few goes at the fishing and duck hooking things. All in all he ended up with a pretty good stash of junk...a squeezy ball, 2 slinkies, a ping pong pusher(which is really a gun, but we don't really have any gun toys in our house), a plastic motorbike and a parachute guy. They really like to give little boys swords. One woman gave my the funniest look when I asked her if we could please exchange our plastic sword for a non-violent toy. :P Here's a few photos...Feeding the animals in the petting zoo.Playing the clown game with Grandma Joy helping and Great Grandma Jean looking on.The duck game (just like on Maisy)

On the dogems with Dad. Driving the train. He thought he was so cool. He got to ring a bell and everything. It was hilarious to watch, every time the train went over a little bump and the bell would ting he'd grab it and give it a couple of tings and he wouldn't look at us...he was too busy driving.Driving the boat. His boat kept spinning around and around and you could see his little mind tick over, he was looking at the ride attendant as if to say, "man, I got a dodgy boat!". And flying a plane (a pretty pink one)It was a very long day. We got there at about 10.30am and didn't get back home until about 9.30pm. Jack of course crashed in the car on the way home and my Grandma Jean, who is an octagenarian (she's in her 80's) spent the whole day with us walking around and around. She's a wonder my Gran!!

On Sunday morning we met up with our mum's & bub's group for a little outing to the miniture trains. We've only been once before when the kids were about a year old. We took along some morning tea and then everyone went for a few rides. I can't believe how much weight those little trains came pull!! It's only a gold coin donation for a ride and the kids just had such a wonderful time.

Jack with Kim & Charlotte and Erica, Hayley & Lauren.In the afternoon we were joined by Kim, David, Jared & Charlotte for our regular walk with Grandma to the park.We found some cool stuff. There was a particular tree that had heaps of beetles on it.We gound a praying mantis...and we found a LOT of rocks!! Jack's newest obsession when we go walking. He just has to throw every bloody rock in the creek. Such a boy thing to do.After a play on the swings we went and played frisbee. Jack kept turning around to us and saying "ok, stand back guys, stand back!". It was very cute. He did at one stage drop his lip a little and said that he didn't want to play because he wasn't very good. That was sad to hear him say something like that at such a young age.Last night I went out with the girls from work and we saw the Sex in the City movie. It was really good. I cried a bit and then also ended up with tears running down my cheeks from laughing so much as well.

I also did my first sort of photo shoot for my friend Charlene of her family, little Aeron and big Aaron. I'm really pleased with most of the shots, they came out pretty good. I'm going to try to really learn how to used my camera properly.

Alrighty then, I'm off to bed. I've been falling asleep as I've been tying this and I spring awake o find a line of eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Nitey night!!

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