Sunday, September 18, 2011

New additions to our home...

O and I had decided to get a couple of chooks.  We checked out the laws on the link at the council website, ordered a coop and some feeders and went to visit a breeder to check out her frizzle chickens which are the most adorable things.  Their feather curve outward so the little chooks look like they've been caught in a windstorm, they are super cute.  So anyway O was doing some research while we were waiting for the coop to be shipped and came across the 2006 council rules which state no chooks allowed for a block of our size!!  So of course being the goody two shoes that I am instead of just pretending we hadn't seen it a got the chooks anyway I insisted that we ring to clarify with the council.  Bad move :(  Turns out that the 2006 rules still apply.  The link that we had looked at was the new laws that are not in yet and are still under consideration so come the 31st of December we may or may not be able to have chooks.  I'm hopeful that we will be able to since in Brisbane it's not a problem to have chooks on our block size. 

So of course Jack was very disappointed.  We explained it all to him as best we could and he now is not very happy with the council.  So then I thought maybe we could get a pair of quails instead but they are apparently classed as poultry as well and therefore are not allowed either.  So what's the next best thing to keep in a coop....

...Fluffy and Caramel!! 

They are very cute.  My brother and I had guinea pigs galore when we were kids.  I figure even though they can't provide us with eggs at least they'll still eat our vege scraps.  I had wanted to get fancy guinea pigs with the cool mullet hairstyles but Jack fell in love with Fluffy (the black and white one) and we wanted two around the same size/age and the only fancy one was a fair bit bigger.  They are such adorable little things and are coping pretty well with being caught and kid handled by a 6 year old every couple of hours.  I discovered this afternoon though a jellybean sized lump on the side of Caramels face so I really hope these guinea pigs arent' going to cost us a fortune in vet bills.

Notice Jack's lip in the photo?  We spent a couple of hours at the ER on Friday night.  Jack was practicing his gymnastics swinging in between our dresser and the bed foot and lost his grip and face planted on the carpet.  The scream definitely brought O and I running.  He had put three teeth through his lip and split the gum behind one tooth and in front of the other so we thought we'd better get it checked out.  It's healing up well, no need for stitches or anything and his teeth are ok luckily.  He's had some bruising come out today both on and under his lip and also under his chin which is slightly swollen.  Poor little bugger, it looks bloody painful.