Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A few digi LO's

Amanda has put forth a challenge over at EB, 7 LO's in 7 days!! The hope is to put some life back into the SOYS threads and I really really hope it works. An amazing bunch of girls hang out over there :) So here are my first few...all digi (too much crap in my scrap room to get to my desk, LOL)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Round 4 entry...

Here is my Round 4 entry for the DT competition over at GoDigitalScrapbooking using Dancing Princess Design's kit, My Heart Sings

Jack & I...

spent some time out in the yard this afternoon. Well firstly he wanted to ride his bike so we did a few trips up and down the street. Luckily he dosn't ride very fast so I can basically walk alongside him. We live in a very very quite street which is nice, although it wasn't so quite this afternoon with the drone of training wheels on the bitumen and the constant mother call of "concentrate, stay near the gutter, slow down a bit, be careful". I'm sure our neighbours wouldn't mind though, I think they like seeing the kids grow up.
So after our biking adventure we had a bit of a play in the yard. A bit of totem tennis, Jack gave up after the second ball to the face, and then some giant bubbles. I really love bubbles!! They are so magical. I really, really missed my camera today. I really don't know how I coped before I got my digital SLR. My old camera is soooooooooo slow!! Speaking of my camera I got a notification that the repairs have been authorised and started so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be back before Jack's birthday which is next Friday. Here's Jack pulling one of his funny faces. He has been such a mixed bag of child lately. He is still his normal pretty well behaved kid but he's been digging his heels in about some of the things he wants and throwing little huffy tanties and then on the other hand he's been very loving and really cuddly lately too. He is so funny, he picks up the funniest things. So cute.
My friend Charlene came over on Monday for lunch and some Desperate Housewives and this week for lunch we had Shrimp Scampi with Grilled Corn and Cheddar Grits. Of course we don't have real grits here but I just use plain old polenta. It was really tasty, the best polenta I'd tasted, nice and creamy and the corn was delicious mixed in it. Owen's not very adventurous food wise so Charlene is my test kitchen taste tester.
Well, I'd better get to bed. We're going to the pool in the morning and we want to get there early.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

So cute...

This was on Kim's blog and I thought it was so cute, I just had to try it.

Jack - Nearly 4

1. What is something mum always says to you? You love me

2. What makes mum happy? Me

3. What makes mum sad? Sad things

4. How does your mum make you laugh? Tickle me

5. What was your mum like as a child? I don't know. You used to play with me when you were a little kids, a little girl

6. How old is your mum? Bigger than me

7. How tall is your mum? Very tall

8. What is your mum's favourite thing to do? Clean the house all day & you like to play with me too. (Yeah right, I just LOVE cleaning :P)

9. What does your mum do when you're not around? Work

10. If your mum becomes famous, what will it be for? I don't know

11. What is your mum really good at? Riding bicycles (??I don't think Jack's ever seen my ride a bike)

12. What is your mum not very good at? I don't know

13. What does your mum do for her job? Work

14. What is your mum's favourite food? Yoghurt (Yuck!!)

15. What makes you proud of your mum? I don't know what that is

16. If your mum was a cartoon character, who would she be? Not Mummy

17. What do you and your mum do together? Play

18. How are you and your mum the same? We arn't, you've got bigger hair than me

19. How are you and your mum different? We don't have tails (PMSL)

20. How do you know when your mum loves you? Every year & every night

21. Where is your mum's favourite place to go? Not to food places (Crazy kid, I love anything to do with food!!)

It's so funny to know what they think about. Like the tail thing, too cute. One of the EB girls, Tiff, has done a LO of her daughters answers which is a great idea. I might have to scraplift that.

I also did a digi LO today too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another digi LO

Another digi LO to show. My LO for the third week of the goDigitalScrapbooking DT challenge. The photos are of my cousin and his beautiful wife and I 'stole' them from their Facebook album. I don't think they'll mind though. Don't they look soooo cute. They are such a lovely couple. The quote is from the Just Relax kit and the the paper and elements are from the Kick Back & Relax kit.


Monday, March 16, 2009

A digi LO

I decided to enter a DT call for goDigitalScrapbooking. I thought it might pick up my scrapping a bit if I had a commitment that I had to fulfill. Well...it didn't work. Week 2 and my entry was (I think) too late for the deadline. LOL. I didn't even bother showing my first entry here last week because it was a bit average but I'm pleased with this weeks LO. It's a cute kit by Majula called Waiting For You. Anyhoo, here's the LO.


Weekend round up...

Well we did a few fun things on the weekend. On Saturday we did a little bit of shopping and then in the afternoon we went to Aeron's 1st Birthday party!! She looked just gorgeous in her little ladybug costume. And check out the cool cake Charlene made...
On Sunday morning I did a big clean of the house which has been looking like a bomb hit it for weeks now and then Grandma came over in the afternoon. Mum's been bringing these great activity books over for Jack that teach all sorts of different things like shape and colour recognition, basic spelling and maths and stuff. They are really great books. She also bought a rubberband propeller plane too which we took to the park with us.
Here's Jack doing a "corn field"Jack and Grandma checking out the fish in the creek.The water was really clear and there were heaps of fish. We saw a few very fast moving 'things' too. My guess is eels.When we got home after our walk, we were walking up the street and I think it was Mum (all happened pretty quickly) pointed out a snake in OUR gutter. Bllllluuuueeeerrrrkkkk!! Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. So I ran to the side yard to grab a shovel and came racing back out just as it got to the grass. So Mum took Jack inside and got our dogs inside(Poppy of course was right at the fence where we were, trying to get a pat). So anyway, I couldn't get to the snake in time and it dissappeared into our garden!! YUCKO!!! I'm not terribly fond of snakes. So last night our dogs would have felt very spoilt I'm sure, being allowed to sleep inside. We've let them back into the yard today though and I hope the snake has slithered elsewhere. Yuck, yuck and double yuck!!
My friend Tricia, sent me an SMS this morning asking if Jack would like to come to the park for a bike ride. He's not too bad on his bike. Has a bit of an issue with getting started still but he's getting better and he definately knows how to use the brake now.After the ride, we had a little play at the park.

That's all folks. Jack and I are having a lazy afternoon today. Hanging around the house, eating fresh baked M&M cookies.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Handstands and corn fields...

So I picked my gorgeous boy up from daycare today and we're driving home and he's telling me how he only got one time out today. Now normally he tells me about the other kids who get time outs, I'm sure he gets time outs but I don't think it's often as he's a pretty well behaved kid. So I ask him what he did to get a time out today and he told me that he was doing handstands and corn fields. PSML, how cute is that. I'm presuming he means handstands and cartwheels and when I suggested this to him he told me "corn fields" as if I'm some type of moron who dosn't know what a corn field is. I asked him what he means tonight and he did something that could represent to the untrained eye a cartwheel. I love little things like that but I find them so hard to remember. I really wish I had kept a diary of Jack growing up. I have a shocking memory and at the rate his childhood is passing I sought of feel like I'm missing it. At least if I had a written record I could read back and reminisce. Actually I might even start memory notebook, it won't matter if it's out of order and muddled about a bit.
He was funny last night too. We were watching Bondi Vet and there was a cow giving birth. The vet was up to his elbow in cow which Jack thought was quite funny, "He'll get poo on his fingers" and then as the vet was trying to pull the calf free the membranes ruptured with an almighty splosh all over the vet. Well Jack just laughed and laughed. He thought it was so hilarious.

We're coming into our busy birthday season around here at the moment. Isn't it wierd how there always seem to be so many birthday's around the same months and then there's always a couple of months of the year that are birthday quiet on the calendar.

It was recently the birthday of my beautiful niece, Rasharna. She has just started her first year of high school this year and to start off the new year she got a new hairstyle. It suits her so well. It's a gorgeous pixieish style and she even got some hightlights. It looks so nice. We had an afternoon tea at my Grandma's house and I made some cupcakes and I was so excited to use my new edible glitter. They looked so pretty and they didn't taste too bad either.
Well, I'm off to watch Grey's Anatomy. Catch u later ; )

Monday, March 02, 2009

Introducing Google'ly

So my Mumma came over yesterday for her regular Sunday arvo visit and brought with her my nephew Joe and my neice Rasharna. Jack just loves spending time with Joe and Sharnie. Whenever Mum comes over she brings different things for Jack to do like sticker books or little games and things so Joe and Rasharna each brought him three things to do and helped him do the activities while Mum and I had a coffee and a chat. Then we headed out for our regular walk to the park. Along the edge of the water at the creek were hundreds of tadpoles and Jack wanted to bring some home (thanks Curious George), so Sharnie found a discarded cup and on our way back home she fished out two tadpoles for Jack. He promptly named them Funny & Google'ly. Google'ly is the black sploodgy thing in the right of the photo. Funny's a bit camera shy. My camera is of course still broken and my old point and shoot needs a new card so I took this photo with Jack's Lightening McQueen digipix camera.

So we're making our way home, sharing the tadpole carrying duties between Jack, Sharnie & myself and we crossed the creek further up than normal where Joe had discovered you could just jump over so over goes Joe, over goes Sharnie piggy-backing Jack, over goes Mum and Me and the tadpoles followed up the rear. I didn't thinking jumping across would be such a good idea considering the tapole carry cup was starting to leak a bit so I walked through the water, stepped onto the centre island and SANK!!! Way up to my knee, took the next step and sank, slurpily pulled my leg out of the first sink hole, took a step and sank AND lost my shoe!! My Mum's trying to pull me clear and I'm just saying "Save the tadpoles!! Save the tadpoles!!" So I lost both shoes but retrieved one out of the sticky sink hole, Mum tried and couldn't get the other out either. So I walked the rest of the way home with one shoe on, one shoe off, a leaking Hungry Jack's cup carrying some creek slime, weed and 2 tadpoles and mud up to my knees.

What an adventure!!