Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ahhh Sunday, I love you...

Lazy Sunday's are just the best and that's what I had today.  I worked every day this week and had plans to do all my housework today but I just couldn't be bothered.  I did some washing and packed the dishwasher and then ignored the rest.  Even Jack's lunch was casual today, he had a Munchables pack which he made into these cute little 'cupcakes'.  

My Mum's 60th birthday is coming up and today I worked on the invitations for her party while Jack had a play outside.  He decided he wanted to blow some bubbles so I took the opportunity to get the camera out.  Jack had been going through an anti-photo phase but hasn't been too bad lately.  We found a cutie little ladybeetle while we were out there.

On to the bubble blowing...

Ouch my eyes...

and bubbles galore...

So in our house this week we've had a couple of additions.  Jack had asked if he could have a hermit crab and I thought why not, easy care, cheap pet so we headed off the pet shop to pick one out and grab some essential crabby supplies.  That night I was doing a bit of research on the net and discovered that what I thought was going to be an easy care pet is actually not at all.  They like company, they need the right humidity and temperate, they like fresh fruit and veges cut up really teeny tiny.  So now we have a new tank, a hermit hut, a little friend etc etc etc.  So introducing Mr Crabs and Spongebob, Mr Crabs is on the left.  They are actually quite cute.  Jack and O took Mr Crabs in to school for show and tell last week.  They don't actually seem to be as social as the internet had said but maybe they're just getting used to each other.  Spongebob is definitely more adventurous and is normally crawling all over the tank whereas Mr Crabs has just burrowed in and hardly comes out.  I just hope they don't grow too big.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The crabs were biting...

We went to the beach yesterday with our friends the Williams's for a spot of fishing and a bit of a play.  Fishing would be the operative word there since we didn't actually bring anything home but we had a great time.  The water was a bit cold but not too bad really and the weather was really lovely.
Here's Jack waiting for the fish/crabs to bite.             

Tricia, the supermum and chief fish releaser, with her three gorgeous kiddies, Piper, Sofie & Oliver the fisherman.
The catch of the day!!  We caught about half a dozen of these little crabs.
Jack with the other catch of the day, puffer fish.  Owen caught two of them.
O, the fisherman.
The boys trying to pump up some little crabs.
After the beach we headed to the little shop and had some fish and chips for dinner before heading home.  Thanks Trish for the company.  It was a fun afternoon.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

My weekend...

I've had a pretty good weekend this weekend.  Nothing spectacular, just got some things done, got to have a catch up chat with my friend Kim and I was well for a change.  The last two weekends I have ended up in the ER with gallstone attacks so to have a well weekend has been a really nice change.
Yesterday I got most of the cleaning done in the morning then grabbed my groceries before heading over to Kim's place for a playdate for Jack and a catch up for me.
This morning Jack and I went to check out the Mumma's Fair and pulled up just as Kim was getting the kids out of the car so that was a bonus.  There was some nice stuff there but it's a shame it wasn't a bit bigger although I think it's the first one for our area so it wasn't too bad.  We shared some nice little cupcakes and then Jack and Charlotte partook in the kid's yoga class which was adorable.  I'm pretty keen to start yoga myself actually so I might start that on Tuesday night.
When we got home I made Jack a little plate of lunch and then made myself some sushi for lunch.  Yummy!!  Smoked salmon and avocado with a little Japanese mayo.  It was very tasty.  I love sushi.
One of the local scrapbook shops is moving and is going to be only a block away from our house which will be very convenient.  I saw them setting up as we were coming home today.  I'm keen to get in and do some scrapping but unfortunately my scrap room is chockers full of junk that needs to be sorted, sold or donated.  I was feeling a bit inspired today so I actually went through Jack's cupboard and sorted out all his clothes and linen...three garbage bags later.  There is a market once a month not far from where we live so I'm going to aim to get everything sorted through in the next few weeks and have a stall there next month if all goes to plan.  I was going to have a garage sale but I think that there'd be more patronage there.
Well I'm going to drool over Department 56 Christmas pieces.  Jack's already thinking about Christmas.  Or maybe I'll check out Halloween decorations instead since Halloween's closer than Christmas.

Just what every kid asks for for Christmas...

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