Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alrighty then...

I swear I'll start updating more regularly. LOL. Feels like I've been busy but I have no idea what I've been doing...anyhoo...

Here's a couple of photos from our trip to the gardens the other day. We went with my cousin Karen and her kids Jessica and Cody who were visiting for a few days. Look how cute their smiles are.
Some photos of my friend Kim and her kids Charlotte and Jared from our walk with Grandma last weekend.And Jack having a drinkAgain with the face painting. But he looks so damn cute. Last night I hosted a Hen's night for my friend Charlene who is getting married in 3 weeks (I'm a bridesmaid). We had a really fun night. I made these bags up for the party go-ers. The lanyard had a dare to do list on the back with things like 'use a cheesy pick up line', 'wink at a stranger and lick you lips'.
Here's the Bride-To-Be, Charlene, looking gorgeous. We had a Charlene's Angels theme so we all wore angel wings and I made Charlene a red and black veil and matching garter. We played a couple of games such as 'Pin the boutonniere on the groom'. We also played wedding pictionary and a little story game.
Charlene and Jenny sharing a laugh.We played quite a few rounds of Singstar before heading out to a few pubs/clubs.I tried out some yummy new recipes for the party. These are mini chive pancakes topped with creme freshe, smoked salmon and salmon roe...YUMMY!!I made Sangria for the first time ever which was delish!! I've always wanted to try it but as I'm a bit of a woosy wine drinker I wasn't sure I'd like it but it was great. I used Bailey and Bailey Two Fat Ladies wine, apple, orange and lime chopped and marinated in the wine overnight then just some lemonade. It's a great party punch drink if you're looking for one.
Today we went for a play at the riverside park with our friends. Everyone had a ball on the flying fox.
JackTricia & Sofie (yes, Tricia is my friend who had her third baby just a few short weeks ago by cesarean)Erica and LaurenTricia and Ollie It was a great afternoon. The park over there is just so great. We had a BBQ dinner there before another quick play and then home.
Alrighty, that's it for now. Catch ya.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Babies, babies all around...well 2 at least

Look at this beautiful little girl. This is Piper Anne Williams and she is the beautiful daughter of my friends Tricia & Jason. Awwwwwwwwwww... And my gorgeous cousin Julie and her husband Steve are also proud new parents to Danielle Jean Baker who was born on the 13th. All together now........Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Babies are just so magical. cluck cluck cluck

I havn't been posting lately because I've been feeling a bit uncreative, flat and un-me but thanks to some sewing for a friends costume party I think I might be feeling a bit more creative. I even bought some fabric to try and make a top. I was impressed with myself with the costumes. I made them from scratch without a pattern. For Jack's I just made the vest which was super simple and the sash but I made Owen's star trek uniform and designed and made my dress. Well, that's all I life is boring. lol.


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