Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween is coming...

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


I've had a few things going on lately.  Last Saturday was the centenary celebrations for the primary school that  both Owen and I went to, the Hall State School.  Four generations of our family have attended the Hall School starting with my Grandad who was actually expelled for tickling girls on the bum with straw through the back of the outhouse.  Larakin Lad!!  It was really great to catch up with a few girls that I hadn't seen in many many years.  The opening of the time capsule was definitely the highlight of the day.  The capsule was buried 25 years ago when I was in year 7 so I even had some things in there such as photos and writings.  They had some rides and things for the kids.  Jack had a ride on this pony who was a bit rambunctious.  He looked so cute sitting up there, holding on while the lady tried to wrangle the horse to a stop.

Last night Owen had some workmates over for a BBQ and Poker.  Jack and I made brownies!!  Jack loves licking the bowl as long as it's something chocolate y.  I don't play poker so I watched a movie instead, The Karate Kid.  Jack actually went to his first karate lesson on Wednesday night.  After seeing the Karate Kid though I'm slightly regretting letting him start karate.  He was keen to do karate and I thought it would be good for him to do a different activity, and I thought karate would teach him to be strong and controlled and confident and aware of the way his body works...I just don't want my baby to get hit.  I'm sure that competition karate isn't like in the movies, I guess we'll take it as it comes.

 So the other thing I've been up to is decorating for Halloween!!  Yaay for Halloween!!

I bought a great Jack O'Lantern doorbell from The Reject Shop which is so cool.  A spider shoots out when you press it and it has a variety of spookily voiced welcome messages.

In the front entry is an array of treats, the cauldron holds an array of gummi body parts and other sweets and the jars are full of chocolate goodies.

A spooky cobwebbed pirate skull hanging above a variety of pharmaceuticals. 

The dining room.

And lastly my beautiful orchid.  This poor orchid has been sat at the edge of the driveway, completely ignored and untended and look at the reward .  Just beautiful.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Mum's Birthday!!

My Mum is turning 60 tomorrow so we had a party at our place on Saturday night to celebrate.  It's the biggest party I've hosted and I wasn't sure we'd fit everyone in but we ended up fitting about 46 adults and nine kids in quite comfortably.  If it had rained we would have been in trouble but the weather stayed really nice which was great.  The mosquitos were a bit of a pest early in the night but they seemed to clear away later in the night.
I decided on a Mexican Fiesta sort of  theme which was nice and bright.  As you can see we made crepe paper flowers in old coffee tins for the table decorations, I used some bright striped gift wrap for the table runners and I ordered through work the gorgeous fabric 'papel picado', mexican cutout banner, which is new this season from Hiccups.
On the menu was Gazpacho, Chilli & Cornbread, Aztec Pie and Pork Carnitas with a variety of salads and desert of Choc-mint Cheesecake and Banoffee Pie.  As per normal, my fear of under-catering backfired and I've very much over-catered so we have a tone of left overs.

Here's Mum cutting her cake...

Mum with Grandad & Grandma...

Mum with her brother & sisters, Rob, Fay, Jenny, Jaamy, Diane & Marie, and Grandad & Grandma. 

Diane & Jenny...

And us, Me, Owen, Mum, Joe, my brother Kevin at the back, Rashana, Karen & Jack down the front with Grandad and Grandma.

It was a great night and I'm sure Mum had a blast. I had some great help too from Mum, Marie, Diane & Grandma and of course Owen and Rob which was much appreciated.

Today Mum, Marie, Grandma and I went for High Tea at Delizie which was really nice.  The decor is gorgeous, dark charcoal and silver.  It has a great atmosphere and is a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I'm very excited that it's October!!  Not only is it my birthday month but it's also Halloween!!  Yaay, Halloween decorating time!!  That will be starting this week, photos to come...