Saturday, January 20, 2007


Woooohoooo, I got singstar!!! I'm just sooo excited but now I have to find someone to play with me. I was such a big loser last night sitting there singing away by myself because that damm Owen didn't want to play. I'm going to have to have a girls night methinks. I think I'll need to practice a bit more first though.

Owen and I wend out on a date the other night. It was so nice and relaxing and I think we'll probably try to do it a bit more this year. We had gift vouchers for both a restaurant and the movies so we used those. We went and saw The Persuit of Happiness which was just beautiful. I'm sure even Owen cried. It was such a moving story.

Not much else to tell really. I should be doing housework but I don't wanna so I'm wasting my time on the net while Jack's napping. I might go and do some digi scrapping. Before I go though I'll just post Jack's photo for today and the digi I did of Julie and Lachlan the other night.


Jo said...

Oh I love singstar!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun with it :)