Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Rocky Swap & Embellished Idol

Two annual events in one!!
It's that time of year again, the Rocky Swap was on yesterday. I can't believe how much stuff people have to sell. I got a few things...
This cute little embossed metal jewellery box,
This little cheese dome and board,
and I also got a Sims game and some of the expansion packs for it and some fudge and coconut ice (yummy!!).
Owen only got 1 thing, sweet potatoes, 5 huge big monster sweet potatoes. He loves baked sweet potatoe with cinnamon butter.Jack got a few things too of course, a junior scrabble game, Ben 10 Uno, some books and a pinwheel. It took us a good 4 or 5 hours to check everything out. We were looking to buy a 2nd hand bike for Owen and I to ride but there were no good ones.
Our friends the Hutchinson's were in town for the Swap so we met up later in the afternoon with them and our other friends the Bruckners and the Williams's for a play at the Riverside park and a sausage sizzle. Jack had a ball and it's so nice for him to be able to get out and play and do something really active. He had an early night last night after all that walking and playing.
Also this week is the start of Embellished Idol. Hopefully I'll be in it...?I can't seem to get my picture to load but anyhoo here is my layout for week one.

Well I guess I'd should go and tidy up this house, it looks like a bomb's hit it.

C ya

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