Friday, August 28, 2009

Jack's First Fishing Adventure

Jack has been talking about going fishing lately so we bought a little rod and reel set the other day and yesterday we headed down to the beach.

We started out at Ross Creek and Jack and O caught this little guy (which of course we threw back in). Jack was a bit freaked out and it took some encouraging to get him to stand next to it. We kept getting snagged on the rocks and Jack was getting a bit restless so we decided to head over to Cooee Bay instead and do some beach fishing and have a splash around. Jack was interested for about 5 minutes before he gave up.
I had a bit of a go and caught this whopper!!
It was a bit windy down at beach and there was a bit of seaweed around but it's still nice to wade around in the ocean and get a bit of water therapy. Ahhhhhh the beach, so relaxing......