Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Well it's now 2007. I love New Years Day, it feels fresh and new, new calendar, all that talk of resolutions. So here are mine.

Lose weight, same as every year. *sigh*

Cook more (bit of a contradiction right) but seriously I've been so slack last year so this year I'm going to try new recipes instead of relying on easy packet things.

Learn to play more educationally with Jack. He's such a bright boy and sometimes I think I bore him so I'm going to do some research into better playtime activities.

Talk to my husband more. Since Jack was born we seem to be too busy to really spend time as friends so I'm going to make that happen this year.

Keep my house clean, ha ha. Yeah right. I was just talking to a friend yesterday about how it takes me so long to pick up Jack's toys and then I run out of time to do the floors. Anyhoo, I'll try. I really want to get our cupboards sorted so that'll be my big ambition this year as far as the house goes.

Work in the yard more. I've been slack. All my bushes need trimming and I really need some new plants. We've got to get Jack's little play area done first.

Enjoy everything more. Try to chill out. Generally have a good time.

That'll do. BFN


debbiedo said...

Good luck with all that Jody, I'm sure they are all things that you can accomplish.... except for keeping the house clean. Trust me, with a toddler it's just not possible!

Leenie said...

'Ditto' to keeping the house clean, pmsl... it just doesn't happen... housework will always be there! Good luck with all the other resolutions!

Just thought I'd let you know that you've been tagged.. he he

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