Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Loving my job!!

I am just loving my job at the moment. I've had a bit of a role change recently and I'm enjoying it sooooo much. Instead of doing all the boring office bizzo I'm now looking after the manchester department and merchandising the bedding area. I have such big plans. I downloaded the new playgro catalogue last night and had a trawl through to see what new deisgns they have. I think I'm really going to be able to increase our sales. There is just so much beautiful linen around lately. I LOVE Kas and Hiccups and Aura. They would have to be my favs and I love making beds!! I've even been making mine ar home lately I'm that inspired. Plus I get to have a little break from Jack and catch up on all the workplace gossip.


Rach said...

Hey Jody!

So funny reading about your manchester and favourite linens.. LOL

Right this minute I am looking out my window at a BMW owned by Tracie Stevens from Aura Lifestyle would you believe! LMAO

She's having her car repaired here, and 'THE' Kaz Cooke was in the other day too! I'm bit starstruck here :blush: LOL

Take care! Bye! Rach

amanda said...

hehe i have a few beds here that wouldn't mind you popping over and making :p

I think you have an illness girl :)

Dionne (aka Dee) Molina said...

Jody, I love linen etc also!!! In fact I just bought a brand new sheriden silky sheets, dooner cover, blanket thing and pillowcase... yep only set us back about $400 or so (and that was SALE!!!)

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