Monday, July 24, 2006

I love Sunday's!!!

I have had a really great day today. I think I'm just naturally more relaxed on a Sunday. This morning after I dropped Owen to work, Jack and I headed off to the markets to buy some veges which I think I'm definately going to do every Sunday. There's the most adorable little old man there who sell the best zuchinni's and button squash so cheap. It's so nice to look around at all the different things. There are two stalls there that sell the best hand made stuffed animals. They're adorable and the orchids there are fantastic. When I have some spare cash I'm going to get one for my entry way table.
After the markets Jack and I came home and I put some pumpkin on to make some pumpkin soup to freeze and then we played for a while. Then Jack had a nap and I had a coffee and some internet time and then when he woke up he just layed on my lap for a while for a nice cuddle then we did some more cooking and stuff.
Tonight we went to Grandma & Grandad's for Grandad's 83rd Birthday. I love going there for dinner. It's so noisy and busy and there's so much conversation. Jack had a great time running around with Patrick and the bigger kids.
Anyway I've really got to get to bed but before I go I'll inundate everyone with some photos of the displays I was yabbering about the other day although I'm a bit disappointed with the photos as the displays look much more sparkly in real life.

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Dionne (aka Dee) Molina said...

Looks great Jody! I love all that sparkley stuff!!!!

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