Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter :)

 I have had a lovely Easter weekend.  It was so nice being at home with all three of us even though we did all did our own thing.  I love my little family.

Here's Jack showing off his stash from the Easter bunny.  He has a funny little smile on his face because his mouth is full of chocolate...

...the breakfast of champions.

We did do something together on our days off.  Our front entry area has been ignored lately and was looking terrible, overrun by weeds and grass. I had bought this set of 3 pots for an absolute bargain a few weeks ago from a second hand shop although they hadn't looked like they'd ever been used.  So I decided to get a start the other day and went and started pulling out the grass.  It wasn't long before Jack came out to see what I was doing and he started helping and then Owen came and joined the fun.  So we cleared all the grass, moved the potted olive tree to around the side of the house, paved, potted up some plants, filled the rest in with pebbles and voila!!  It looks really nice and neat.  I put some solar spotlights in today so I'll have to wait until tonight to see how the look but I'm so pleased with it already.

Also in my garden I have about a dozen of these broms flowering at the moment. 

And out the back the bright red cannas are also in flower.  I looks so exotic looking along the back yard to the pool.  Makes me feel like I'm on vacation somewhere.

Our herb garden is coming along nicely as well.  Owen has cleared at the side and is going to build me another narrow bed on the other side to plant some more veges and things in. Guinea pig poo makes great fertilizer  lol.

And lastly hear is Coco saying farewell...actually she was yawning.  Doesn't she look fierce...needs her teeth cleaned.

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Brenda said...

oh my god, your dog just gave me a heart attack Jody! Fierce! I had a few days with my little family ove Easter too, isn't it nice?

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