Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our weekend...

I have had a really nice weekend and I'm sure Jack has enjoyed himself as well.  On Saturday morning I had morning tea with my friends Charlene and Ann.  Ann has just moved back to town and bought a fantastic house so we got the grand tour and then kicked back for a catch up chat and coffee.  I love those girls.

On our way home we swung by and picked up Jack's mate Mitchell for a sleepover.  They had a great weekend playing the Wii and swimming.  It's so nice him having mates over.  I feel for him as an only child, I know he feels lonely some times so as I said it's great for him to have time with his friends.

The boys and Coco tried out the new sofa bed. 

This morning we had a lovely morning swim.  The water is so nice in the morning with the sun sparkling off it.  The boys had a fighting monsters game going on and were flipping and swimming all over the place, me well I sat back and had a lovely spa to start off the day.  Ahhhhhhh.  Here's some of their cool dives.

I also gave the gorgeous Coco and shampoo and blow wave.  

This afternoon as Mitchell was leaving Jack's other mate, Jared came over for a play and then later this afternoon my Mum and my friend Kim came over so I have had a great time catching up with lots of people this weekend.  My Grandma Jean has been in hospital since Thursday but she's getting a little better every day too which is great.  She's a beautiful lady.
Hope everyone has a great weekend too.  Ciao