Monday, February 06, 2012

Our first 4WD adventure...

My friend Tricia phoned the other day to invite Jack to go 4WD'ing with her hubby Jason and son Oliver and their friend Mitchell.  Her husband obviously heard my overprotective hesitation in their side of the phone call and offered to let me tag long as I didn't talk hahahahaha.  Now I'm not really one for the wild wilderness (especially no toilets) but I hate the thought of my precious boy missing out on anything fun so we jumped at the chance.

Before we even got a block from their house I was told by the boys that the prediction was that I would scream and then cry like a girl (which was right about where my mindset was as well). was fun and I didn't cry or scream.

Before we hit the sandy part of the track we had to stop to let some air out of the tires.  The boys each had a go at letting some air out and then we got ready to head off on the sandy track.  Obviously the boys were very excited.

We headed down to 9 Mile Beach which is a beautiful piece of the world.  Beautiful beach for miles and sand dunes for the kids to climb.

And climb they did...

There's a stream that comes from somewhere and winds it's way through the dunes down onto the beach.  The water was lovely and cool, just great for splashing about.

The dunes are so interesting.  Check out the cool sediment lines along the edge of the dunes.  

And then back to more climbing and boy games on the dunes.

And then a strip down for a rinse off before jumping back in the 4WD for the drive home.

This is the beach we visited...

...and the beautiful view of Five Rocks in the background with the boys rocking the world in the foreground.  It was a fantastic day and obviously they had a blast. 

Thanks Jason.